Spurs Fan AJ Tracey To Perform NFL Half-Time Show At Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

This is a must watch event...
16:21, 03 Oct 2019

It is every young fan’s dream. To appear on the pitch for your home team, with thousands cheering you on but unfortunately, reality means that for many fans, this dream remains just that, a fantasy. The likelihood of anyone achieving this outside of the world of sport is even more unlikely, yet for AJ Tracey that is exactly what he will achieve on October 6.

As the Chicago Bears and the Oakland Raiders head off at half-time in the first-ever NFL game at the brand new White Hart Lane, AJ Tracey will take to the stage. 

Managing Director of NFL UK, Alistair Kirkwood said: "We are very excited to be able to celebrate our first-ever game at the magnificent Tottenham Hotspur Stadium by presenting a halftime show for the first time at one of the London Games," 

"AJ Tracey is the perfect act to mark this landmark and we know it will be a spectacular show."

2019 has been a landmark year for the young rapper. ‘Ladbroke Grove’ from his debut album reached number four in the UK charts while he also made headlines at Glastonbury and sold out his debut tour date in less than an hour. 

The London rapper has followed Spurs all his life and was even chosen to be part of the kit launch event in 2017, where he said:

“Apart from music, I love football so it is always gonna be an inspiration to me it is always going to pop up in my lyrics and whoever is doing well in the team is going to get a shoutout. I was born into it, my dad put me into a Spurs shirt straight away.” 

You can watch the NFL game between the Bears and the Raiders - and AJ Tracey do his thing - on Sky Sports Action on October 6.