Arms Like Arnie, The Bicep Workout That Gave Schwarzenegger 22-Inch Guns

Say hasta la vista to those scrawny arms with this gruelling bicep workout from The Terminator himself
08:00, 16 Dec 2020

Can you believe this year was the 35th anniversary of The Terminator? That’s three and a half decades since Arnold Schwarzenegger’s T-800 terrified and enthralled audiences in equal measure with an ice-cold demeanour, the weapon’s arsenal of a small country and, most noticeably, a pair of 22-inch guns that would make John Rambo blush.

Schwarzenegger, simply put, is one of the most iconic figures on the planet; from his early days forging a legacy as the greatest bodybuilder of all-time to his transition to Hollywood superstardom and even a stint as the Governor of California - there’s no denying those python-like arms played a massive part in his overall success. In fact, if you asked 100 men why they picked up their first dumbbell, 99 of them would probably tell you it was to “get arms like Arnie”. 

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With Schwarzenegger’s arm routine below, maybe you can…

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Arm-Routine

Schwarzenegger would go through this routine twice a week, totalling between 20 and 26 sets of arm-expanding exercises altogether. Good luck.

  • Cheating Barbell Curls, Sets: 5-8, Reps: 8-12

The cheating barbell curl has been a part of Arnie’s workout since he was a teenager and believes the move “stands alone for building mass”. 

  • Incline Dumbbell Curls, Sets: 5-8, Reps: 8-12

To do this one a la Arnie, make sure you set your bench to a 45° angle to ensure maximum stretch throughout your biceps.

  • One-Arm Concentration Curls, Sets: 5, Reps: 12

The one-arm concentration curl is considered by Schwarzenegger to be the ultimate move when it comes to adding a peak to your biceps. They target the outer head of the biceps, the one that creates height when you flex.

  • Standing Alternating Dumbbell Curls, Sets: 5, Reps: 10

A classic to finish with. Standing alternating dumbbell curls was how Arnie finished each arm workout, keeping his elbows pinned to his sides and isolating the biceps as much as possible.

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