Ask The Fans: What Makes Chelsea Vs Spurs Such A Bitter Rivalry?

Jose Mourinho returns to Stamford Bridge with Spurs this weekend
11:01, 22 Feb 2020

An underlying hatred for each other. A rivalry which leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Yet it is not a rivalry that makes the headlines unlike the Manchester, Merseyside or North London derbies. Chelsea will host Tottenham in the early kick-off this weekend as Jose Mourinho returns to Stamford Bridge in a huge game in the battle for a Champions League place. 

We spoke to a Chelsea fan and a Spurs fan to try and make sense of this rivalry and it became apparent… These two clubs really don’t like each other.

Tottenham Hotspur Football Analyst - Nathan Clark

What do you make of Spurs' rivalry with Chelsea and the history of it?

It’s quite something that Chelsea are only second in rivalries behind Arsenal, for Spurs, and yet there is still a truly special, deep hatred. From a Spurs perspective, Chelsea embody a pure and powerful evil of endless unearned wealth, constant moral controversy and often pretty dull football - though the man most responsible for that last one is now in North London. 

Does Mourinho's Stamford Bridge return give this game extra edge?

Maybe, but I think what’s probably more interesting is the continuation of Mourinho and Lampard as rivalling managers. Especially with the once-apprentice coming away the victor from their first match by nullifying Mourinho’s ball-over-the-defence attack.

Considering the new stadium, squad and Champions League football, do you think Spurs are now streets ahead of Chelsea as a football club? 

Let’s not forget that Chelsea are essentially a small outfit from Fulham. They have received a major glory boost in the last two decades that has helped them dramatically grow their fanbase close the gap on genuine historic clubs like Tottenham Hotspur but more recent seasons have seen Spurs keep them at bay.

Spurs' progress over the past decade has been consistent yet Chelsea have won big trophies - is Mourinho the man to take Spurs to an elite level and win a trophy? 

Trophy? Quite possibly, but I suspect what we’re looking at there is a domestic cup or perhaps the Europa League at some point and these are not the accolades they once were. It will take more than we've seen so far for Mourinho to demonstrate his management is still as groundbreaking as it once was.

Will Spurs finish above Chelsea this season and secure Champions League football?

I think it’s likely to be pretty close and, with Man City’s possible ban, there may well be places for both.

Both Chelsea and Spurs have made good progress in the past decade, but what do you envision for both clubs over the next five years?

Tottenham’s steady trend upwards has been a rocky one with several setbacks. None more damaging than the end of Pochettino’s time at the club but all of the supportive structure, like the new White Hart Lane, suggests that Spurs will keep chipping away at the elite. With Chelsea, now decidedly the second-best ‘money team’ in the league and limited like their rivals by FFP,  you can never shake the feeling that one day Abramovich will lose interest.

Chelsea FC blogger - Simon Phillips

What do you make of Chelsea's rivalry with Spurs and the history of it?

It's great, rivalries like this are a historical part of the game and I love it. Adds fuel and excitement to the occasion and gives an added edge.

Does Mourinho's Stamford Bridge return, or facing former player Frank Lampard, give this game extra edge?

Absolutely, I can see this being the start of another classic Mourinho rivalry, with drama, snide comments in press conferences, and plenty of mind games! Chelsea fans on the whole don't have a lot of love for Mourinho anymore, so there is certainly an edge.

Considering the new stadium, squads and managers, do you think Spurs are now ahead of Chelsea as a football club?

I don't. Anyone can build a new stadium if the money is available, but it is winning trophies that matters. Chelsea are a club with a fantastic VERY recent history in winning trophies, as recent as last season. That is what a club should be measured on, not the size of the stadium or the profile of the head coach.

Would you swap places with them?

Hahahahahahaha... Oh you're being serious!? No. Thanks.

Both Chelsea and Spurs have made good progress in the past decade, but what do you envision for both clubs over the next five years?

I hope that Chelsea are in transition and building for the long term under Frank Lampard, as Liverpool have done with Jurgen Klopp. Chelsea need stability and have to stop the hiring and firing culture. If they can mould some of the top youth products, and invest wisely in some quality players this summer, we can be back challenging for the Premier League again.

Spurs?  I honestly think Mourinho's best days are gone, I can't see him being there for too long, I think an inconsistent immediate future lies ahead for them. They sacked one of the best managers in the game in Mauricio Pochettino, and that decision will come back to haunt them when he goes on to win every trophy available at Real Madrid in the near future!

Will Chelsea finish above Spurs this season and secure Champions League football?

Yes. Look, I have to say yes, but it's impossible to predict. Both clubs have stuttered with form and have inconsistencies this season, that area in the league is so tight and it looks like a fight for one position pretty much, it could be a number of teams that get it. But the ball is still in Chelsea's court and I think they can do enough to reach top 4 still.

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