Boost Your New Year Goals With These Five Essential Bits Of Running Kit

Here are five running essentials that will aid you in smashing those personal bests
08:00, 11 Jan 2021

Running is one of the simplest forms of exercise someone can do to stay in shape but that doesn’t mean you should go flying down the road like Forrest Gump without a care (or bit of running kit) in the world. Well, you can... no one’s stopping you, but you definitely won’t get the best out of it. 

So with that, we’ve broken down five bits of essential kit that every runner should consider investing in… 

The Torch

SM Insta Running Essentials 01jpg

We’re still in the midst of those cold, dark winter months, meaning that throwing on those running shoes and heading straight out the front door for a 5K at 6am isn’t as simple, or safe, as it would be during the summer. You’ll need to illuminate yourself on those dark roads and the OnNight 710 is just what the doctor ordered; Lightweight, cheap and with a max range of 75m, it’s the perfect starting point. 

Price: £29.99


The Socks

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Running can be harsh on the feet, especially for newcomers, so a good pair of socks are ideal when it comes to running. The Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister socks contain wool, which has natural anti-odour properties. Thick and comfortable they’re lifesavers when it comes to preventing those pesky blisters. Best of all, Rockay have a lifetime guarantee, so if you do end up tearing a hole in them you can swap them for a new pair.

Price: £15.50


The Watch

SM Insta Running Essentials 05jpg

Including all of the absolute essentials of a running watch at a fraction of the cost of some of the top-of-the-range models, have made the Garmin Forerunner 45 smartwatch an incredibly popular bit of kit for runners of all backgrounds. It can track your sleep, your heart rate, your stress levels, has a built in GPS and has an admirable 14 hours of battery life.

Price: £129


The Headphones

SM Insta Running Essentials 02jpg

Nothing gets you through a gruelling run like a good playlist and to get the most out of said playlist, you’ll need some decent headphones to take with you. Sound is important but when it comes to a pair of headphones you’re going to be active wearing, comfort is key and that’s why we’ve picked out the Powerbeats Pro Wireless earphones, which fit your ears immaculately. With loads of battery life and excellent sound quality to boot, these are a worthy investment. 

Price: £169


The Camera

SM Insta Running Essentials 04jpg

Ok, so we might be stretching ‘essentials’ here, but to many people running, although often done alone, isn’t solely an individual activity and they might want to share footage of their latest run with friends or other members of the running community on a YouTube channel or maybe their Instagram and Facebook accounts. 

If you’re looking to film your latest trail run through the country or record yourself as you painstakingly complete your first marathon, then you can’t really go wrong with the GoPro HERO 9. It’s not cheap but an improved stabilisation algorithm makes running footage smoother than other cameras, the battery lasts 30 percent longer than previous GoPro models and the 5K video quality gives you larger footage and more flexibility when editing.

Price: £379.99

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