Boxing Fans Stunned After Resurfaced Footage Shows Inexplicable Referee Stoppage Decision

Boxing Fans Stunned After Resurfaced Footage Shows Inexplicable Referee Stoppage Decision
10:56, 11 Mar 2019

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in boxing, the sport pops up with another suckerpunch to stun.

Incredible footage has resurfaced of a super lightweight contest from several years ago between Aaron Herrera and Aaron Hinojosa. The fight was taking place at the Polyforum Zam Ná, Merida, Yucatán, Mexico.

Attendees didn’t have to wait long for the first talking point, which ultimately became the only one, and what a controversial one it has proven to be!  

Referee David Silva ended the bout in the first round, remarkably interjecting to award Herrera the tie though the pugilist hadn’t landed any punches, just 1min 39seconds in.

Hinojosa had ducked and dived and dodged with excellent athleticism in the corner from a flurry of blows from his Mexican opponent, when Silva stepped in to end the fight and give Herrera the ‘TKO’ WIN.

Hinojosa’s outrage was palpable, as has been the boxing community in recent days since the footage was rediscovered, accusing Silva of being out of position and premature to pull the fight.

Though the fight took place almost four years ago, on 28th March 2015, its reintroduction via social media has stunned boxing fans everywhere.

“The decision should be withdrawn and fight declared a no contest.” @TopBoxerSadiq

“WTF?! He didn’t land anything!!!! This was terrible! If a outcome should ever be overturned it would be this.” @JohnHerndonJr

“Ref stopped it so he wouldn’t get hypothermia off the cold drafts off the misses!” @AlanHutchison6

Former light-welterweight world champion Ricky ‘Hitman’ Hatton posted a laughing emoji, whilst Showtime Television Hall of Fame Boxing Analyst Al Bernstein (@AlBernstein) was also stunned, taking to his Twitter account to exclaim that "This is perhaps the single worst stoppage I have ever seen."

The worst stoppage of all time? Decide for yourself by viewing the footage below.

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