Claressa Shields Targets Third Title In Ten Fights And Has Sights Set On The UFC

The build-up to Shield's fight with Ivana Habazin has been ill-tempered to say the least
16:01, 10 Jan 2020

Two weight world champion boxer Claressa Shields is the self-proclaimed GWOAT (Greatest Woman Of All-Time).

On Friday night, she will be looking to clinch another world title in her third weight class in just her 10th professional fight.

The American will take on Croatia's Ivana Habazin in Atlantic City, New Jersey but this has been a long time coming, for this is the third time the fight has been scheduled to go ahead.

Last year, Shields was injured and had to pull out of the first match-up. However, the second attempt to get the pair in the ring was curtailed when someone in Shield's camp slugged James Ali Bashir, Habazin’s original trainer, forcing him to need surgery.

Shield’s brother Artis Mack, was arrested and charged and is in jail awaiting his trial.

On the day of the second-arranged fight, Steve Upsher Chamber was meant to be present but he was sent to the wrong venue.

With Bashir still out of action, Chambers took his spot and wasted no time in slamming Shields.


“I know what I see and believe me, she ain’t what she tells people she is or what a lot of people who don’t really know what they’re talking about thinks she is,” Chambers said in a story by

“I don’t want to take away from what she did in the Olympics, because she did it, but when she fought in the Olympics, it was the first time women were ever in the Olympics. It’s not like there were a ton of girls out there. She was fighting the same handful of girls over and over. 

“Claressa fought 77 times as an amateur and we had two girls in our camp as sparring partners and they each had fought her five times. That’s two girls alone who accounted for 10 of her 77 amateur fights. There weren’t a lot of difficult fights for her. Her skill is pretty basic. She’s flat-footed and nothing special. She’s a good fighter, and she brings it, but she’s beatable.”

However, ahead of this bout, Shields is in no mood to entertain what’s been said about her. After all, supremely confident in her ability and a two-time Olympic champion, she calls herself the greatest women’s fighter of all-time

“Her coach can talk, but that’s all he can do,” Shields said, as reported by Yahoo, in response to some recent barbs aimed her way by Habazin’s trainer, Steve Upsher Chamber. 

“He got himself knocked out [in his fight career]. He don’t know nothing about me, to be honest with you. He’s just trying to get attention for his fighter, but he’s going to get her hurt.”

Shields has only two knockouts in her nine professional fights, but has grand ambitions.

“I want to make history because I want to be an inspiration for women and show them that they can do whatever they put their minds to doing.

“There are people in the media who paint me as a thug, and people criticise me for talking and expressing the truth, but that’s what you have to deal with when you’re making history. I ain’t bothered by it because I know what is real and what isn’t.”

If that wasn’t enough, Shields is also aiming to make the switch to UFC with a possible fight against Amanda Nunes in the pipeline.

Having revealed she has been in touch with the legendary Jon Jones for some MMA lessons, Shields would prefer to beat Nunes in the ring but may have to settle for a UFC duel in the cage.

"I'm going to have to learn so much more stuff and I just hope that I like it,” she told TMZ sports.

Watch this space.

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