Darts Player Gary Anderson Angrily Denies Farting During Match

Darts Player Gary Anderson Angrily Denies Farting During Match
10:54, 17 Nov 2018

Elite darts players Gary Anderson & Wesley Harms descended into the lowest-wattage feud in sporting history after the Scotsman Anderson defeated the Dutcham Herms 10-2 in a contest on Friday.

The pair were playing in a last-16 tie at the World Slam of Darts event in Aldersley. Anderson took care of business and progressed to the quarter-finals and, it appeared, that was that.

But there was to be another twist in the tale after the losing player made some strong claims about the man who bested him on stage.

In during a television interview in the aftermath of his defeat Harms accused the former two-time World Champion Anderson of having a “fragrant smell”.

Speaking to Dutch station RTL7L, he said: "It'll take me two nights to lose this smell from my nose."

Anderson took offence to the accusation and hit back in fairly overdramatic fashion.

"If the boy thinks I've farted he's 1010% wrong. I swear on my children's lives that it was not my fault," he said.

"I had a bad stomach once on stage before and admitted it. So I'm not going to lie about farting on stage.

"Every time I walked past there was a waft of rotten eggs so that's why I was thinking it was him.

"It was bad. It was a stink, then he started to play better and I thought he must have needed to get some wind out.

"If somebody has done that they need to see a doctor. Seemingly he says it was me but I would admit it."

Have a look at another one of his stoney-faced denials below, this time with bit more colourful language.