Exclusive: Logan Paul Claims ‘Decapitation Is Imminent’ Ahead Of KSI Fight

The American has been putting some serious work in ahead of the rematch
15:40, 06 Nov 2019

Logan Paul is as confident as ever heading into his hotly-anticipated fight with KSI this weekend and has claimed that a ‘decapitation is imminent’. 

The two online sensations will face off against each other for the second time on Saturday night with Los Angeles hosting what could be one of the most-watched fights of the year.

Speaking exclusively to the Sportsman after the public workout Paul, who has 20 million subscribers on YouTube, stuck by his decapitation comment he originally made at the UK press conference: 

I’m more concerned about who’s going to catch his head rather than the round, but yeah decapitation is imminent

The Sportsman then asked him where the fight would be won in Staples Center, given the first contest ended in a draw:

“That’s a great question, I think this fight will be won or lost on experience and athleticism. I think I keep saying this, people are underestimating the year that I’ve been training and JJ was on tour last year I had three months to train, three. 

“He had been boxing for two years and he couldn’t beat me so now like my athletic learning curve is second to none dude.”


It has been over a year since the first fight and a lot has changed during that time according to the American. When asked what improvements he has made in that year, he responded: 

“Just learning how to box, move like a boxer, last year I moved like an athlete and I was able to sort of pull it off but there’s something to be said about knowing when to pull your hands up, knowing when to stay calm or when to clinch or when to jab or what your jab opens up like. 

“There’s a lot of boxing technicalities that last year I just kinda overlook cause I was inexperienced.”

Check out the full interview below.

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