Five Of The Finest Massage Guns To Fight Those Aches And Pains

Give your muscles the TLC they deserve with these five excellent massage guns
08:00, 05 Dec 2020

Let’s face it, as much as working from home has been brilliant in many ways, no commuting time, meetings with your dogs rather than your colleagues and avoiding those dreaded water cooler chats. But there are definitely drawbacks, none more so than working on your sofa, or even worse, from your bed. These may seem like the best things in the world, but let us tell you from experience, your body will pay for it eventually.

For those backs, neck and shoulders that need a bit of TLC after a less than supportive year, we’ve eyed up some of the finest massagers money can buy, which could also make the perfect Christmas gift...

Theragun Pro - £549

SM Insta Guns Theragunjpg

The big player in the game now has an awful lot of strings to its bow, and its latest model is the best yet. The Pro features comes with six attachments and can produce four different arm positions for an all-round experience. It also has five different percussion settings: 1750, 1900, 2100, 2200, and 2400 percussion-per-minute, which can produce up to 60 pounds of force, enough to soothe any ache.

This is the top of the range model from Theragun which can connect to an app and is used by professionals to enhance muscle recovery, release stress and tension, and soothe discomfort. Many have tried to replicate Theragun, but they are still the market leaders for a reason and also boast Elite, Prime and Mini editions, fit for your price point. 


Shavron - £199

SM Insta Guns Shavronjpg

At a very different price point, the new boy on the market is looking to shake things up. While noise can be a big negative when it comes to these devices, this one produces just 55db - the same as moderate rainfall. With five speed settings, four different heads and 53 percussion-per-second, it certainly can compete with the best of them. It also comes with a hand carry case and, most importantly a whopping six hour battery life, which blows its competitors out of the water and means you can take it wherever you need to, confident that you won’t run out of juice.


Hypervolt Plus - £260

SM Insta Guns Hypervoltjpg

The Hypervolt plus may not look like any of the others but it can still deliver top notch performance. The newer edition of the Hypervolt also represents a major leap forward with the Plus offering 30 percent more power and intensity than its predecessor. Two hours of charge is manageable, although you can get more elsewhere but the T-shaped design does seem to make this a nicer piece to hold and grip as you penetrate those sore areas. 


RENPHO Handheld Deep Tissue Massager - £34.99

SM Insta Guns Renphojpg

Bargain, bargain, bargain. The fact you can pick up a handheld massager for this price just shows how far technology has come in this sector. You don’t get any of the frills or spills of the other more expensive models but you do get two hours of battery life once charged. It comes with five plastic heads rather than rubber and doesn’t reach the speeds of the other models, but for the price you are getting a decent unit. As with all of these devices, make sure you watch tutorials on how to use it before jumping right in, otherwise you could make things worse. 


MuscleGun Carbon - £199.99

SM Insta Guns MuscleGunjpg

The coolest name on the list goes to the MuscleGun Carbon and it is a great all-rounder. The lightest on this list too, it also packs a punch with five speed settings and four heads which can produce a hefty 44lbs of force which will pummel away your aches and pains. This one also comes with a 90 day guarantee and a two year warranty, perfect for the clumsy ones among us, or the one who are indecisive about these sorts of things. A good pick up. 

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