Five Physically Demanding Video Games That Are Making Fitness Fun

These will keep the calorie count down
09:00, 10 Jun 2020

The battle between getting up to do a bit of exercise or staying slumped on our sofas in a catatonic state playing ‘just five more minutes’ of Red Dead Redemption or Call Of Duty is becoming one that will define this period of lockdown for a lot of us.

But why can’t we have both?!

Well fear not avid gamers, for the people behind our favourite pastime have already treated us to a whole array of keep-fit computer games that’ll keep the calorie count down while we have the times of our lives. Below are our picks for the five best fitness games out there…


Ring Fit Adventure (Nintendo Switch)

Ring Fitjpg

Home workouts have never been so much fun courtesy of this RPG that covers up the monotony of working out with a compelling story and dynamic gameplay. Think Final Fantasy with lots of crunches.

Take on the role of a warrior as they quite literally squat and chest press their way through legions of enemies, dragons and treasure chests in a fitness game that never gets boring, leaving you always wanting to come back for more. Nintendo has changed the game with this gem.

Perfect for: Those who want to use games to build a workout habit.


BoxVR (PlayStation VR, Oculus)

Box VRjpg

If you’re lucky enough to own a piece of VR kit, then BoxVR will allow you to transport the sweaty confines of a boxing gym straight to your front room. BoxVR lets you jab, uppercut and hook your way through countless choreographed boxing routines which have been jam-packed into the game.

Along with shadowboxing, some routines teach you to bob and weave, giving you a full body workout. It also includes a nifty calorie counter so you can keep track of your hard work.

BoxVR won’t turn you into Floyd Mayweather but it will give you one hell of a training session.

Perfect For: Fans of fitness classes.


Just Dance 2020 (PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC)

Just Dancejpg

Dancing sims have come along since they were plastered around the country in the deepest, darkest depths of amusement arcade in various seaside resorts. These days you can skip the trip to Mablethorpe and instead indulge in all the dad dancing you like from the comfort of your own home.

In all seriousness, Just Dance 2020 (and many of its previous iterations) will leave you crumpled in a sweaty mess on the living room floor if you take it seriously enough. And it’s a lot of fun! 

Perfect For: Anyone confident enough to shake their booty in front of their pets.


Creed: Rise To Glory (PlayStation VR, Oculus)


Ding, ding. Fire up the Rocky IV soundtrack* because Creed: Rise To Glory is the closest you’ll ever get to training with the man, the myth, the legend that is Rocky Balboa. 

A tie-in to the Michael B. Jordan Rocky spin-off series Creed, Rise To Glory gives you a great workout but also provides a great story. Ever wondered what it’d be like to share a ring with the terrifying James ‘Clubber’ Lang? Now’s your chance. 

*Rocky IV soundtrack not included.

Perfect For: The Rocky enthusiast, duh.


Beat Saber (PlayStation VR)

Beat Sabrejpg

The best workouts are probably the ones where you don’t even realise you’re actually working out and that’s exactly what happens when you plug in Beat Saber, a deceptively tiring rhythm game exclusively on PSVR.

Armed with a lightsaber in each hand, you’ll slash and smash your way through arguably the most physically demanding video game levels to ever grace the small screen. Ridiculously addictive, Beat Saber is a genuine joy to play.

Perfect For: Those looking for the most fun from their workout.

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