Five Tried And Tested Navy Seal Workouts From David Goggins You Can Do At Home

David Goggins could be the toughest man on Earth
09:00, 04 Jun 2020

It’s rarely been as important to stay both physically and mentally healthy but finding the right instructor can be tricky. We live in a world where social media is flooded with self-proclaimed ‘fitness gurus’ who can ‘get you shredded in 30 days,’ so finding the genuine among the fugazi can prove a tricky task.

You’ll have no such issues with David Goggins, whose record speaks for itself. As the only man to complete Navy Seal training, Army Ranger school, and Air Force Tactical Air Controller training in US military history, as the only man to go through the Navy Seals’ ‘Hell Week’ three times, as an ultramarathon runner, as an ultra-distance cyclist, triathlete and once holder of the world pull-up record (4,030 in 17 hours) - Goggins deserves your full attention.

Unquestionably one of the toughest men to walk the planet, Goggins is the king of mindset and his workouts are, unsurprisingly, some of the most brutal you can find on the internet. The crazy thing is the majority of his workouts require absolutely no equipment bar a mat and A LOT of water.

Below are five Navy Seal tried and tested home workouts from Goggins. Jumping jacks, sit-ups and lunges might sound pretty basic but fair warning, Joe Wicks this is not. This will hurt, but it will be so worth it.


Callisthenics Workout 1 (45 mins)

Goggins dropped this onto his Instagram and Facebook shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic hit its stride, but can still be found on YouTube if you want to try along. Filmed in Sydney, Australia, Goggins puts an Aussie gym class through their paces as they try their hardest to keep up (Spoilers - they definitely don’t). You won’t look at jumping jacks the same again. 

The Workout: 

1. Jumping jacks (10 min)

2. 10 jumping jacks, 10 push ups. Repeat. (10 min )

3. 115 alternating lunges

4. 110 unassisted sit ups

5. 2x25 push up to planks

6. 25 Unassisted sit ups

7. 10 jumping jacks/10 push ups (3 sets)

Callisthenics Workout 2 (1 Hour)

You don’t necessarily need a squat rack and barbell to get a decent leg workout in as Goggins proves in his second full workout video which he posted from his front room with lockdown in full swing. 

The Workout:

1. 140 lunges

2. 140 squats

3. 140 lunges

4. 100 squats

5. 1 min rest/hydrate

6. 250 jumping jacks

7. 1 min rest/hydrate

8. 230 Sit ups

9. 1 min rest/hydrate

10. 180 push ups (10 reps every 30 seconds x 18)

11. 1 min rest/hydrate

12. 25 arm haulers, 25 push ups (Repeat x 4)

The 4 x 4 x 48

Arguably Goggins’ most infamous workout, a pure test of mental strength, the concept of the 4x4x48 is actually pretty simple: Run four miles, every four hours for 48 hours. Fun. 

Goggins periodically challenges his 2.7m Instagram followers with this gruelling test which he of course takes part in at the same time, too. This is the worst workout by some distance but when Goggins drops the challenge, you can take comfort in the fact that thousands of other fitness freaks from across the world will be doing it at the same time.

The Push-Up Challenge

Did you know that if you did 17 push-ups every minute for an hour, you’d have done 1,020 altogether? Well you do now.

This workout is about as basic as you can get and all you really need is a stopwatch and a pen and pad to jot down your progress as you go. Unless you’ve been hitting more push-ups than an actual Navy Seal, then the chances are you won’t hit 17 push ups on the minute for an hour but the best thing about this workout is that, if you can throw it into your routine once a week, you’ll see your push up ability improve ten-fold.

The Burpee Test

Ah, the burpee - possibly the worst bodyweight movement of all-time and the bane of any workout. If you’re unaccustomed to the burpee, you basically drop to the floor in a plank position, do a push-up, kick your knees to your chest and jump into a jumping jack, blasting your arms, chest, legs and abs as you go.

Goggins’ challenge? Do 100 as fast as you can. According to the man himself anything under 10 minutes is solid, under 11 minutes is acceptable and anything over 13 minutes means you have to start all over again. Good luck.

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