Former Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho Has Bagged A New Job In Football

Former Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho Has Bagged A New Job In Football
15:01, 11 Feb 2019

Jose Mourinho has left the Job Centre - sort of - and bagged a new role in the world of football.

The former Manchester United manager has not chosen to make a swift return to the managerial arena, instead opting for the less chaotic but very well paid job as a television pundit.

Unfortunately, this is not over on these shores at BBC, Sky Sports, or BT Sport, but in Russia on a fortnightly Champions League show.

Mourinho, who infamously slipped at the ice hockey last week, previously worked for the Moscow-based network during the 2018 World Cup, significantly bolstering his bank account after collecting an eye-popping £1.17million for just four days work, as reported by the Daily Mail.

The Russia Today show is titled 'On the touchline with Jose Mourinho' which begins on March 7, so while Mourinho won’t be able to win the Champions League for the third time in his managerial career, he can at least watch former side Man Utd in their pursuit of glory as they attempt to overcome French giants PSG in the last-16.

As you can imagine, the football sphere has flocked to Twitter to have their say on Mourinho, who has been linked with a third spell at Chelsea, whose current incumbent Maurizio Sarri is fearing for his future after a 6-0 hammering at Man City.

U will receive the call of Mr roman soon and will get u back to Chelsea waiting for u champ u are only the one who can handle the boat (@eliehelou0071)

Mourinho’s return to the public eye came on the same day Oldham appointed Paul Scholes, a frequent critic of the Portuguese coach…

Suspect we may see/hear the first forensic analysis of Oldham Athletic from Jose Mourinho before too long. He is not the type to forget. (@philmcnulty)

Jose Mourinho frantically trying to arrange for RT to get broadcast rights for League Two (@OliverKayTimes)

Jose should go one better, seize the next available League Two job and take Scholes on mano a mano (or dug-out to dug-out). Actually, Jose could probably afford to buy a L2 club and install himself as boss. (@GlennMoore7)

Others were left less than impressed...

His next show will be 'at home with Jose mourinho'. He's been left behind, the football world moved on from his negative anti football style of management (@Matt_f1_ctid)

...we at United don't give a DAMN!! (@levels_AS)

Although @stripy18 was certainly more optimistic.

He will rise like the phoenix from the ashes

You can watch the promotional video for Mourinho’s new show below...