From 205MPH Speedster To Eco-Friendly Wonders, Behold The Best Superbikes In Town

We've been treated to an array of two-wheeled wonders in 2020
08:00, 25 Dec 2020

We’ve got the need, the need for speed. Anything with a motor, or a battery given it is 2020, has got our juices flowing and although we are used to covering everything on four wheels, this year a few two wheeled superbikes have caught our attention. From Ducati’s to Harley Davidson’s, these are our top five of 2020.


Ducati Diavel 1260 Lamborghini

SM Ducati Diavel 02jpg

Ducati and Lamborghini in the same name. Now that is what we call pedigree. Ducati’s Diavel 1260 Lamborghini is unconventional, unique, unmistakable and that is according to the makers themselves. Inspired by the Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 supercar, this superbike looks incredible in Gea Green and offers up a top speed of 169mph. 

Price: £27,795


Harley Davidson Serial Number One

SM Harley E Bike 021jpg

Harley Davidson is a name synonymous with motorcycles. The roar of the engines, the motorcycle gangs flying down Route 66, the smell of the petrol as the bikers fill up. These are images that the famous name conjures up. However, in 2020 Harley and their one hundred years of knowledge have joined the e-bike industry with the Serial Number One. Set for release next year, this one is redefining what it means to be a Harley Davidson. 

Price: TBA 2021


BMW Blechmann R 18

SM BMW Blechman R18jpg

BMW are usually known for their prowess on four wheels but with the Blechmann R 18 they have truly made something unique. Honestly one of the best looking bikes in the business, that look comes from creator Bernhard Naumann, also known as Blechmann, which is German for ‘Tin Man’. He customises bikes in his own manner and doesn’t even use templates, leading to completely natural looking designs.

Price: £14,830


Katalis EV.1000

SM Katalis Ev1000jpg

One of the sleekest bikes about, the Katalis EV.1000 looks like a bike of the future. Crafted in Indonesia, the futuristic looking model isn’t built for speed but built to last. Topping out at just 50mph, this electric machine has a range of 50km and takes inspiration from a World War Two aircraft. It may not go all that well, but boy does it look good. 

Price: £750


Voxan Wattman

SM Voxan Wattman1jpg

Okay, we have slightly cheated on this one but let us off. The Voxan Wattman is on the way in 2021 and is all set to break the land speed record for an electric motorcycle. Unlike the Katalis, this Voxan could hit 205mph, which would break the current record of 203mph. Oh, and it looks utterly bonkers. We are in love. You can’t buy this two-wheeled wonder but you can read more about the bike and the record here.

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