From Chill Panda To Headspace, Five Apps That Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

There are a range of apps designed to ensure our mind is cared for and this is our pick of the best
08:00, 02 Dec 2020

Let’s be honest, modern life can be a challenge. And it’s not just us saying that. According to the latest figures 74% of UK adults admitted they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope with stress last year. And that was before Covid-19 came to pay us an unwelcome visit.

Now there is a global pandemic to contend with alongside the normal difficulties of everyday life, we need to look after ourselves. While physical fitness is key, maintaining good mental health is of equal importance too and it’s vital we ensure our mind is cared for. There are a range of apps designed to help us do just that and this is our pick of the best...



SM Mental Health Calmjpg

The Calm app is all about chilling out and their ‘mission is to make the world happier and healthier’. Boasting over 50million downloads, Calm focuses primarily on sleep, meditation and relaxation - good rest improves concentration and productivity, helping you to attack the day. 

There is exclusive music to help you unwind, nature scenes and sound to listen to and even audiotracks consisting of advice from leading mindfulness experts. With new content added daily, you’ll have the choice to delve into new techniques and learn about your body along the way. There is a reason it scooped iPhone app of the year in 2017.

Price: £9.75/month, £45/year



SM Mental Health Dayliojpg

The Daylio app helps you track how you feel and see the progress you are making with a diary. However, it’s not a written diary but rather a marker on your mood and the activities you are undertaking. Using emojis, it’s quick and simple. Daylio then collates all of the data and presents it via charts and graphs, giving you a visual to help aid your processes. Best of all though, it helps you plan and organise activities, making your to-do list that little neater and clearer with daily reminders.

Price: £2.25/month, £17.99/yearly



SM Mental Health Happifyjpg

Approved by psychologists, this app is about having fun! Using science-based games, the activities are meant to help one overcome negativity and reduce stress by engaging in activities, which are built on cognitive behavioural therapies.

Each game only takes a few minutes to complete but is designed to have a long-lasting effect. From building confidence to helping you push your career forward, the app is there to help you make positive changes by helping you understand how you feel.

Price: £11.20/month, £62.50/yearly 



SM Mental Health Headspacejpg

Headspace is packed full of different sessions on stress and anxiety, focusing on meditation and sleep. Teaching you breathing techniques and making you aware of your body, the app is easy to use and even features SOS exercises to help you when you need it most.

Co-founded by Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk, it was launched back in 2012. His aim has been to ‘demystify meditation and make it more accessible’ and that has certainly been the case with 62million downloads in 190 different countries.

Price: £9.99/month, £49.99/year


Chill Panda

Screen 1jpg

With the best name on the market for sure, Chill Panda is designed for adults and children. Even recommended by the NHS and featured on their website, it has been designed to help people ‘learn to relax, manage your worries and improve your wellbeing’.

Boasting light exercises to refocus the brain and simple breathing techniques - you are guided through chill or playtime by the panda avatar on an island - the app even measures your heart rate and blood flow through your fingertips via your mobile device.

Price: Free

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