From No Ear To Over-Ear - The Best Headphones For Working Out Indoors

To help you on your fitness quest, we've put together three very different wireless headphones
14:00, 31 Mar 2020

The week the government’s social distancing policy was implemented in the United Kingdom, The Police’s ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’ received a spike of 135 per cent on Spotify. Now that is how to keep people two metres away from you at all times. But what are you listening to in this time of isolation?

With the country on lockdown, you’ve got endless hours of free time at home and thousands of albums to listen to. Now is the time to blast the music, press play on those home workouts and emerge when all of this is over as the very best version of yourself!

Whether you are one of the 50 million people to have streamed 2020’s most listened to song ‘Dance Monkey’ this year, or whether you are enjoying something rather more indie, perhaps the more important question is, which headphones are you using? 

To help you thrive in your fitness journey, we have put together three very different wireless headphones that will not only provide you banging tunes and incredible sound quality, but stand the test of time during your workouts. Let’s get stuck into it and remember, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of Kylie while you are getting a sweat on.

Aftershokz AeroPex (£149.95, 8 hour battery life)

Heard the one about the headphones you don’t need to put in your ears? Thought not.

For years all headphone manufacturers have been striving for the same thing. Pure silence and an all-encompassing listening experience. Nothing should distract you from your music when you are working out, right?  Aftershokz believes in a different vision for the future. Their revolutionary headphones mean that you don’t even use your ears in the conventional way to hear the music. How on earth is that possible? 

Well it is all down to bone conduction technology and science. The headphones work as bone conduction transducers guide micro-vibrations through your cheekbones to your inner ears, delivering sound without plugging or covering the ears themselves. These remarkable headphones sit on the bones in front of your ears, allowing you to hear the world around you as well as your music.

Whether running or cycling, it is paramount from a safety point of view to be aware of your surroundings while exercising. You may be stuck indoors for now, but often we’ve strayed into the path of a fellow ‘athlete’ or even run into the road due to a lack of awareness, something that is now no longer an issue with Aftershokz. While at home, you may need to be aware of your partner or child shouting from the other room without losing out on sound quality.

SM Insta Headphones Aftershokzjpeg

Resting on the bones next to your ears, these are remarkably comfortable, with the titanium design crafted for usability, durability and wearability. The wraparound flexibility means the headphones are kept stable even during vigorous exercise and can survive in any weather.

With Olympic triathlete Lucy Hall, European medalist Eilish McColgan and ultra trail runner Harry Jones all using the headphones, they have some serious pedigree. The latest model, the AeroPex, boasts an eight-hour battery life and is completely sweat and waterproof, retailing at £149.95.

Aukey Key Series T10 Premium True Wireless Earbuds (£99.99, 7 hour battery life)

From bone conduction technology to a truly wireless experience, where Aukey are leading the way. Their Key Series T10 offers a sleek design, but there is substance behind the style as they offer incredible comfort and fit snugly into your ears dealing with vigorous exercise without issue.

There are no wires or battery packs whatsoever, making the battery life of seven hours reasonably impressive. This in-ear design does look incredible while the wireless battery case itself can charge up the earbuds two and a half times before it needs plugging in. The rotating ‘door’ on the charging case is a particularly classy touch, while the earbuds themselves are of exceptional quality.

Although they are not classed as noise-cancelling earbuds, they do block out the majority of noise which makes for an all-encompassing experience. This model is also water resistant which means even if your indoor workouts get a little sweaty, these earbuds will be able to cope. The T10 uses touch control for playback and phone calls, while it also can connect to Siri or Google Home, making them perfect for everyday use.

SM Insta Headphones Ukeyjpeg

66 Plus BTS Pro (£104.99, 40 hour battery life)

We’ve seen bone-conduction headphones and in-ear buds, but our final pick comes from the overlooked headphones in the health and fitness market, the over-ear headphones. The BTS Pro are not only sleek in design but blow their competitors out of the water when it comes to battery life. Forty hours between charges is a huge upgrade on the seven or eight hours offered by their competitors and that is the biggest benefit of the heavier on-ear headphones.

The black metallic finish gives the headphones a luxurious feel while the classic on-ear headphone means that they can put up with any exercise without any trouble. One of the biggest advantages of the BTS Pro is the Motion Control app for iPhone which allows you to tinker with the audio controls. This app gives a quick tutorial on how to use the touch buttons on the headphones, meaning you can do everything you need without your phone, from bench-pressing to hoovering the house! The connection between your phone and the headphones themself can work up to 100ft, plenty of distance for even the largest of houses.

Perhaps the most helpful feature on the app for those of us that are a little forgetful is the ability to find the headphones using the app. Genius. Sweatproof and sturdy, these all-action headphones come in electric green or lava orange and boast exceptional sound quality. These bad boys won’t let you down.

SM Insta Headphones 66 Plusjpeg
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