Get Truckin’, Get Workin’, Get Savin’: Ford’s New F-150 Is Your Office-Home

Why not make your office your car, or your car your office?
09:00, 30 Jun 2020

Do you ever drive to the office and feel you can’t be at all bothered to get out of the car, happy instead to just sit in that parking spot instead of beginning that nine-to-five?

Ford has the solution. Why not make your office your car, or your car your office? That’s one of the selling points of the new edition of the F-150, driving into your life in 2021. The F-150 has been Ford’s most profitable vehicle in its line-up but it’s been six years long since the last redesign. The wait looks to have been worth it. The truck comes with the usual snazzy upgrades, but also incorporates a remote workstation that possesses built-in Wi-Fi and even a desk! So when you drive into that car park on a rainy Monday morning, make sure you’ve picked up a decent breakfast and remain where you are.


And of course, as one of the premier, popular vehicles from Ford, the presentation is of the highest-grade.

“With the only high-strength, military-grade, aluminium-alloy body and high-strength steel frame in its class, the Ford F-150 makes tough tasks look easy, whether you’re on the job or out on a weekend getaway,” declares the American motor manufacturing mammoth, who unveiled the latest edition this week. Ford is also providing eleven different grill options for customers.

Depending on the preferred vehicle size to purchase there will either be a 12-inch landscape touchscreen in the centre of the dashboard on the XLT, or an 8-inch on the XL, both running Ford’s ingrained infotainment system Sync 4 - double the power of its predecessor - as well as offering wireless versions of both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and a version of Amazon’s Alexa called Ford+Alexa will be available to download. Mobile phones can be charged via a wireless charging pad under the screen, in addition to USB ports and the inclusive Wi-Fi can support up to ten devices.


What about that desk? Well, with a target market for people perpetually on the move and driving location to location, the new F-150 will come with the optional work surface placed in the centre console area, operating as a place to process documents and contracts, or work from a laptop. Utilizing a console shifter, the driver only needs to tap a button, for the space to manifest from a compartment and make room for the work area. There’s even a place for a nap, with the upper-end models of the six-seater vehicle having been installed with maximum recline seats.

There are a stonking ten new driver-assist features, with the Active Drive Assist, part of Ford’s branded Co-Pilot 360 2.0 system, the hands-free driving feature, although to get the full benefit you need to be on the seemingly unlimited highways and terrain of North America, with the hands-free feature providing 100,000 miles of pre-mapped roads. To stop those lazy bones from putting their lives completely in the hands of a robot, the monitoring system includes an advanced infrared driver-facing camera that will track eye gaze and head positioning to ensure drivers are paying attention to the road. The hybrid version should be able to travel approximately 700 miles with a full tank.


For those go-green go-getters, an all-electric version of the F-150 should be wheeled out in 2022. So, for the truck aficionado, the ones always on the run, and need to slow it down, have some fun, or those kicked-out-soon-to-be-divorcees, the Ford F-150 is your new home, office, and best friend.

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