Get Your HIIT On With These Five Intense Workouts From Home

Burn fat with these super intense, super quick workouts from the comfort of your front room
14:00, 15 Nov 2020

We’re not going to lie - 2020 has been intense. Who needs more intensity? Well, it turns out that’s exactly what many of us could do with in our lives, and in our homes, right now. We’re talking HIIT - that’s high intensity interval training - and it’s the most effective and efficient way to workout at home.  A good HIIT can deliver a lot of what you want from traditional cardio — burning fat, increasing your heart rate, and improving lung capacity — but in a fraction of the time. Ideal for those of us who want their home exercise done and dusted quickly. Here’s five HIIT workouts to get you started...


The One With Joe Wicks

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You know the drill by now, no mention of home workout is complete without the appearance of Mister Joe Wicks. This guy is the house exercise guru. In years to come when we play Covid word association (good times folks!) his name will be right up there. And the guy is good, damn good. He's the don of fast, effective workouts that burn fat and build strength, without a single bit of equipment. In this 15 minute belter you’ll move through five exercises, three times, going for 35 seconds a time, with 25 second breaks in between. 

Duration: 15 minutes

The One With Weights

This intense session combines cardio, strength, and jump drills and those in the know insist it won’t get rid of fat but it will - and we quote - “incinerate fat”. A bold statement, my friend. It’s also designed to build stamina and muscle. There’s three circuits of three moves each, with brief rest periods in between. But the killer is a fourth circuit which includes all the routines from the first three. Ouch. This is a full body workout, so be prepared to feel the burn. You’ll need dumbbells, a towel, and water. Definitely water.

Duration: 25 minutes 

The One With Your Partner Or Housemate

If you’re after a workout that can be adapted for different levels and for more than one person, this is the one for you. Remember, the couple that get fit together, stick together (note: there is no scientific evidence for this whatsoever!). Or you can grab your housemates and all get in on the buzz. Got to get it where you can these days folks. This is a cardio workout, but at your own pace, scale up or down to suit your own level. It involves pogo jumps, planks and the good old crab kicks. This bad boy can burn as many as 300 calories. Top job.

Duration: 20 minutes


The One With No Equipment


Next up is an intense all body workout. This one is for those of us who’ve been doing this for a while. To give you an idea, they put planks in here just to give you a rest. You have been warned. But it’s good, real good. You won’t need any equipment or much space, so it’s the ideal home workout, but remember, this ain’t for beginners. The video is split into 30 second bursts of activity that includes everything from lunges with kicks, to half burpees, and squats to toe touches (the toughest). The soundtrack will help keep you going. Turn it up. 

Duration: 15 minutes

The One With Krissy Cela

Here you’ll be in the presence of a bona fide fitness superstar. PT Krissy Cela is to fast exercise what Ronald McDonald is to fast food. She’s got this nailed. And in this home workout  - which has been viewed over 300,000 times - she will show you how to torch some serious calories in the most efficient way possible. Bursts of one minute routines, followed by the shortest of short breaks. There’s lots of high knee action and the mountain climber pays a visit. Get your burn on.

Duration: 20 minutes

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