Horrendous Scenes As MMA Fighter Dislocates His Knee Whilst Celebrating Win

Horrendous Scenes As MMA Fighter Dislocates His Knee Whilst Celebrating Win
10:12, 18 Nov 2018

Not what you want to see on a Sunday morning but here we go anyway. As we know, MMA is probably the most dangerous sport on the planet with elbows, spinning kicks and pretty much everything else legal inside the octagon.

The aim of the game is to damage your opponent to the extent that they are forced to submit, or of course simply knock them out. However, it is rare that the Octagon does more damage to one of the fighters than his opponent but that is exactly what happened as Jack Culshaw took on Zak Edwards at the Almighty Fighting Championships.

The two fighters, who fight in the lightweight division, met in an intriguing contest. This was only Edwards’ second fight and having lost his previous one, perhaps it was no surprise that the slightly more experienced Culshaw took home the win.

It was a vicious left-handed knockout from Culshaw after a barrage of punches including a wild overhand right. The left hand connected cleanly however and sent Edwards’ to the floor giving him the win.

Culshaw was clearly absolutely buzzing about his second win of 2018 and leapt onto the cage walls, as many fighters to. After saluting the crowd he then leapt off, but landed awkwardly and his knee gave way beneath him.

You can see his kneecap pop out as he rolls over and struggles to walk through the pain despite the adrenaline of having won the big fight. See for yourself the painful celebration down below.