It's Time For Everton's Director Of Football To Stand Up And Take Responsibility

Marcel Brands needs to take a firm grip of the reins at Goodison Park
12:01, 01 Dec 2019

Marco Silva won’t last much longer. The Portuguese coach might still be in charge for Everton’s Premier League fixture away to Leicester City this weekend, he might even last another week after that, but the point of no return has been passed. Silva will sooner or later be sacked and the Toffees will once again be on the lookout for a new manager.

Everton need someone to take a firm grip of the reins, someone to guide them through what is becoming a watershed season for all the wrong reasons. It’s time for Marcel Brands to step up. He will be the one charged with finding Silva’s replacement when it comes to it. That process might have started already. 

More than that, though, it will be Brands’ responsibility to give Everton a new direction as a club. He is the highly-rated Dutchman hired from PSV Eindhoven as Director of Football in May of last year. Brands’ arrival was hailed as something of a game-changer - he was even appointed to the club’s board 12 months ago - and yet he has still to make his mark on the Goodison Park outfit.

Brands’ transfer strategy so far has been flawed, spending big in both summer windows he’s been at Everton for, but what have the Toffees really got for that money? How many of Brands’ signings have actually improved the team on the pitch? And what is the thread that links them all? What is the footballing philosophy Brands is trying to impose? Is there any plan?

For all that Silva has, it’s remarkable that Brands has so far managed to fly somewhat under the radar. He’s the one who hired Silva in the first place (although being only just in the door at the club he might have taken some guidance on Silva, a long term target) and the one who moulded the squad at Goodison Park. Why aren’t more fingers being pointed in the Dutchman’s direction?

Silva’s inevitable exit presents Brands with an opportunity to correct past mistakes, but if he gets it wrong again he might not be given another chance. The former PSV man must show that he has a vision for the Goodison Park club. It must be about more than just big-money signings and managerial appointments. Brands must unveil a wider plan for Everton’s future. 

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