Exclusive: KSI Reveals Plans To Take On Pro Boxer After AJ Advice

The Youtuber takes on Logan Paul on Saturday in LA with millions expected to tune in
15:25, 06 Nov 2019

KSI takes on Logan Paul in one of the craziest boxing events of the century on Saturday but it seems this rematch is only the start for the Youtuber.

With millions around the globe expected to tune in, all eyes will be on LA with 21,000 expected at the Staples Centre and KSI wants the bout to become a regular occurence.

The Englishman has admitted he wants to stay pro and even knows who he will take on in his first bout after Paul.

However, when The Sportsman spoke to him Stateside, he kept his cards close to his chest.

“I’m not going to say because I know that person would be like ‘Oh my God’, but I’ve got a game plan in mind, but I’m not going to say right now, sorry,” he said.

KSI has backing from the main man Anthony Joshua and revealed he has been given some wise words of advice.

“He’s just told me to train hard,” he added. “Remain focused and be calm and relaxed in the gym.”


And he’s clearly feeling confident and ready thanks to AJ’s chat.

“Even when I was training out there I was relaxed. 

“Obviously I was shouting this and that but I was calm, calm and collected. 

“I know what I need to do, I am full Zen, I’m in Super Saiyan God mode right now, and I’m ready man.”

On Saturday, he only has one aim and that is to knockout Logan Paul.

“I probably don’t want to say too much because we’ve got tactics but I am going to knock him out. That’s it, you’re going to see me knock him out. Simple as that.”

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