LeBron James Sinks 40-ft Shot To Beat The Clock For Lakers

LeBron James Sinks 40-ft Shot To Beat The Clock For Lakers
10:47, 12 Oct 2018

Lebron James is certainly 'box office' and he’s brought his appeal all the way to LA this off season, following his second spell with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

And the West coast crowd got a chance to soak up a bit of his magic after he scored the highlight of a win for the Lakers against last year’s NBA champions, Steph Curry’s Golden State Warriors, with a buzzer-beater from downtown in a pre-season tie in Las Vegas last night.

With just two seconds to go in the second quarter, the 33-year-old launched one from full-on 40ft out that hit the bull’s eye with nothing left on the clock. That got the crowd on their feet, as you might expect.

The three-time NBA champion, who left his hometown team to make the move out west, will now have to compete with perhaps the best team of the last few years in the league, last night’s opponents Golden State.

But asked by Yahoo Sports if coming into their backyard in the Western Conference was in issue for him, he thought not.

“Nah, that was never a thought,” he said.

“I don’t really buy into [defeat]. I feel like with me on the floor, I can compete versus anybody individually.

“But at the end of the day, in order to win, your teams have to be great.

“Individuals are very great, but in order to win a championship, you have to have great teams.

The Lakers also have last year’s second overall draft pick, Lonzo Ball, and the pair dovetailed well together for the time they were both on the court.

Have a look at the buzzer-breaker below.