Liverpool To Win The Premier League? Manchester City Stars Hit By ‘The Drake Curse’

Liverpool To Win The Premier League? Manchester City Stars Hit By ‘The Drake Curse’
18:46, 12 Mar 2019

The Premier League title race may have taken a bizarre turn this week as several Manchester City stars have met up with and had their pictures taken with superstar rapper Drake, after his massive shows at the Manchester Arena. That may seem fairly innocuous but Man City may have now been hit by ‘The Drake Curse’ which is sweeping social media.

It appears that every time Drake has a picture with a sports star, or shows support for them, their team starts to fail. The Canadian may be one of the top dogs of the music industry but when it comes to sport, he is nothing but a mutt. So is this curse actually real? Let’s dive into the history of it.

In the last title race featuring these two teams back in 2014, Drake got his picture taken with Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge (shown below) as the Reds looked set to scoop their first Premier League title. Things quickly fell apart for Brendan Rodgers’ side and Steven Gerrard’s famous slip, handed the title to Man City.

Another high profile example comes from the UFC. Drizzy is a big fan of Conor McGregor and even walked out with him to the octagon as he fought Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229. The Irishman was outclassed, eventually submitting in the fourth round, but that was only the start as a melee ensued, leading to lengthy bans and hefty fines for both camps, whilst the BBC reported the 'curse of Drake' could be set to hit Anthony Joshua, after the Canadian megastar recently trained with the world heavyweight champion's strength and conditioning coach in London. 

It does not end there. Drake has been seen supporting the Kentucky Basketball team, but they are not having any luck, failing to win a title since 2012. He also regularly turns out to see his local basketball team, the Toronto Raptors, who have not had any success in recent years.

Unfortunately for Dortmund fans, earlier this year, Drake was also pictured with Englishman Jadon Sancho, meaning their title hopes could also be out the window. So, if this ‘Drake Curse’ does prove to be real, Liverpool could be on for their first ever Premier League title, all thanks to OVO.

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