Logan Paul Warns KSI He'll ''Suffer Health Repercussions'' After Their Rematch

Angry words and heated exchanges as the two YouTubers-turned-fighters once again squared up
11:23, 08 Nov 2019

A behind-closed-doors press conference in front of the world’s media offered one of the final square-ups between social media superstars KSI and Logan Paul ahead of their boxing rematch due to take place Saturday, November 9 at the Staples Center, L.A.

Presented by promoter Eddie Hearn, the public wasn’t privy to seeing the two amateur pugilists once again try and put the last shakes on each other, filmed and available to view courtesy of The Sportsman below. 

The U.S’s finest, ‘The Maverick’ Paul was flanked by a key member of his entourage, two-time heavyweight champion of the world Shannon ‘The Cannon’ Briggs. Briggs was the first person from the two opposing parties to take the mic and speak, albeit with difficulty as he acknowledged his ‘mouth has been watering’ in anticipation of the bout.

Briggs made the startling claim that he sees Paul as a future boxing champion "in years to come"- “This man has ability, he has reflexes, he has [the] legs, he has everything, and he’s white,” the Cannon somewhat controversially stated about Paul, “He can’t be hit, he’s got everything it takes.”

His attention then turned to KSI and the key man in his camp, UK boxer Viddal Riley, “You came to this war with a butter knife as a trainer. He’s got nothing going on. What’s he going to teach you, he’s your age!”

“This is war. We’re going to hurt you. You’re going to be beaten up really bad.

“If [Paul] don’t put this man in a hospital there’s something wrong.”


The ‘butterknife’ Riley was then offered the opportunity to respond - “It doesn’t matter, what matters is up here (pointing to his head) -  this has been trained to kill!”

Wishing KSI’s opponent luck, Riley couldn’t resist having a final pop at the boisterous Briggs, “Once you’ve finished this event you can go back to taking your drugs and having no contest,” a comment that evidently riled the American - “If I break your f*cking jaw, you can’t do nothing about it.”

“You’ll be lucky if you go back to England without your jaw being broke.”

After the fireworks, it was the turn of the fighters, with the outspoken Paul.

“Saturday will be the best of my life,” the YouTuber confidently proclaimed, 

“JJ’s got a big heart, the kid works hard. He’s got a big ego and his big ego is going to be his biggest asset,” before informing his rival, he’s going to hit in the head “a dangerous amount of times”.

“I think he’s going to suffer some severe health repercussions.”

Echoing what he has said previously, he challenged KSI as to what ‘decapitate’ means, having declared the Brit ‘a dumb person’, aiming the dig that his ‘hands are shaking and [his] fingers are small.”

Early on in the presser, the two had engaged in an act of intimidation, JJ removing his sunglasses he had adorned for his entrance to match his opponent square in the eye for an exceedingly long period as Hearn spoke.

Both fighters have showed their certainly game, but imperatively, it’s a different beast to the event that took place last year in Manchester.

“I’ve never worked so hard in my life,” said KSI, “Mentally I’ve reached a new level.

“I’m ready to f*ck [Paul] up.”

As continually addressed throughout the press conference, the build-up has been nothing short of monumental, as Hearn stated “bragging rights are another level”, helping to hype it as one of the fight events of the year. 

Expect fireworks at the Staples Center.

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