Mark Allen Hilariously Interrupted By 'Sex Noise' During UK Championship Snooker

Mark Allen Hilariously Interrupted By 'Sex Noise' During UK Championship Snooker
09:36, 08 Dec 2018

You can usually hear a pin drop at the snooker as the players crave for silence when playing their shots, but Northern Irishman Mark Allen had to contend with a rather strange noise during his UK Championship match with Basem Eltahhan as just as he got down to play his shot a loud sex noise echoed around the auditorium in York.

Unsurprisingly put off by the 'moaning' sound, Allen pulled away from the shout and chuckled and looked into the crowd to see where the sound had come from.  It appeared nothing x-rated was happening in the audience, but a member of the crowd had obviously failed to put their mobile telephone on silent and had to deal with the embarrassment of the 'sex noise' bellowing out around the packed arena.

Allen was leading 2-1 at the time, but after briefly giggling at the strange noise, managed to regain his focus and knocked a red along the cushion to continue his break.  The left-hander dominated the second half of the match against world number 126 Eltahhan and Allen booked his place in the next round with a 6-2 victory, but his win will certainly live long in the memory with the 18+ noise creating a different atmosphere at a game played under strict noise levels.


Down the years the snooker has seen some comical moments with a streaker one of the more memorable adult occurrences to take place, but this hilarious clip just shows that the sport can still have its moments and Allen will certainly remember having to deal with such an alien sound while on the baize.

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