Neymar’s Sensational Rant And Tunnel Bust-Up Could Make PSG Champions League Defeat To Manchester United All The Sweeter

Neymar’s Sensational Rant And Tunnel Bust-Up Could Make PSG Champions League Defeat To Manchester United All The Sweeter
14:18, 07 Mar 2019

Joy for Manchester United, shock horror for Paris Saint-Germain. You know the news, you know the score, you’ve seen the headlines. Let us all now bathe in the warm glow of one of the most exciting nights in recent Champions League history.

Whilst the majority of the PSG team will still be stunned for a good while, that certain message might not go down too well with one particular star.

The injured Neymar - the most expensive player in the history of football - was watching from the stands, watching as his team became the first side in 107 attempts to not progress through the UCL having taken a 2-0 advantage in their away leg.

To say the brazen Brazilian b*stard was fuming would be an understatement.

Neymar was visibly shell-shocked when he arrived on the touchline to see Marcus Rashford’s penalty for the visitors end their hopes for a European trophy this season.

Man Utd were controversially awarded a spotkick after referee Damir Skomina with the assistance of VAR deemed Presnel Kimpembe to have struck the ball with his arm in the box as the game was approaching full-time.

Seething Neymar subsequently went on an Instagram tirade;

This is a disgrace, they put four people that know nothing about football in charge of looking at the replay for VAR

There is no penalty. How can it be a handball when it hits his back?! Go f**k yourselves!

Furthermore, The Mirror has reported that the 27-year-old then went on a rampage down the tunnel to confront the officials and had to be restrained by the PSG officials

It’s a shame that Neymar couldn’t make the first XI to help out Les Parisiens. Neymar's record on/around March 11th - otherwise known for being his sister's birthday… - over the past five years has seen the forward either be suspended or injured.

Much like similar sh*thouse Sergio Ramos having his diabolically devious plan to avoid suspension in the further knockout rounds catastrophically backfire as Real Madrid went crashing out at the hands of Ajax, Neymar’s fury makes the victory for the Red Devils all the more sweeter.

For those who remember Neymar’s eccentricities in the last World Cup - and indeed just his general demeanour - his rant will have those smirks from Man Utd’s win just a little bit wider.