Puma F1 Simulators Let You Speed Like Lewis Hamilton For The Day

Shopping Has Never Been Such An Adrenalin Rush
11:11, 30 Aug 2019

Ever wanted to speed round the track like Lewis Hamilton? Have you dreamed of hurtling through a race like Sebastian Vettel? Well your time has come.

If you head to New York you can now experience the thrill of the Grand Prix in an F1 simulator, the exact same as the professionals use. 

Puma have opened their first North American flagship store and inside sits a Formula One enthusiast’s dream.

With the cockpits positioned on the second floor, all you have to do is scan your race ticket, buckle up and put your foot to the floor.

You’ll be transported to the starting grid and feel the adrenalin-inducing pressure as the race begins. Then it's all about the electrifying pursuit for first place. Just be careful on those bends.

As you speed round, it’s said that you should probably bow out if your prone to motion sickness which is good to know.

This is Puma’s bid to entice and engage customers in a way rarely seen before.

While F1 isn’t really associated with the sports manufacturer, Hamilton and Max Verstappen are ambassadors and this new experience is sure to keep fans coming back for more.

“It feels to me like it’s new retail, and by new retail, there’s some components of this store that we feel like have never been done and separate itself from the pack.” Bob Philion, CEO of Puma North America, told Quartz.

As well as F1, sports-mad visitors can also be put through their paces with a series of simulated football drills laid on by Puma’s stars.

You can also play the latest NBA 2K video game while buying your new trainers.

As far as new shopping experiences go, Puma takes first place on the podium.