QUIZ: Can You Name The Nine Football League Teams Who Have Not Played At The New Wembley?

QUIZ: Can You Name The Nine Football League Teams Who Have Not Played At The New Wembley?
14:06, 25 May 2019

The play-off finals are upon us once again, the nerve-wracking climax of the Football League season which will see thousands of fans make the special journey up Wembley Way to the home of football. Amazingly, now just 10 sorry sets of Football League fans are yet to make the famed pilgrimage, although that will become nine this weekend.

Charlton Athletic will become the latest team to experience the joy of striding out the Wembley tunnel and mean that there are only now 10 teams who are yet to get to travel down to the national stadium and watch their side.

This season we have seen several sides play at Wembley for differing reasons. Tottenham’s stadium troubles have meant that almost every Premier League side was able to visit Wembley albeit in circumstances they probably wouldn’t choose. Newcastle and Bournemouth played under the arch for the first time in the league but there were also some surprising semi-finalists in the FA Cup, another game that shouldn’t be held at Wembley.

Brighton and Wolves also played at Wembley twice this season, in the Premier League and FA Cup while Manchester City, with all their success have made five appearances at Wembley this season. That started with the Community Shield in August and included the away league game against Spurs, the League Cup final against Chelsea and the FA Cup semi-final and final. Impressive yet expensive.

So, perhaps obviously, it is the lower league sides who have not experienced the joy of Wembley compared to their more illustrious Premier League rivals. Notts County with their relegation have now slipped out of this list but each of these teams will play in the Football League in the 2019/20 season. How many do you think you know?

Nine teams who are yet to play at the new Wembley. GO!