Ranking The Best Manchester United Player-Turned-Pundits After Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp’s Criticism

Ranking The Best Manchester United Player-Turned-Pundits After Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp’s Criticism
20:21, 13 Mar 2019

Ahead of Liverpool’s visit to the Allianz Arena in Munich, Reds manager Jurgen Klopp provided yet another talking point in his pre-match press conference.

Before taking on Bayern Munich in the second leg of their Champions League Last 16 tie, the German manager was pressed on whether it would be better if Liverpool exited the tournament so as not to hinder their Premier League aspirations, something that had been suggested by Manchester United player-turned-pundit Gary Neville.

Klopp had plainly not taken kindly to the suggestion, levelling an accusation at the current state of punditry currently gracing English screens;

“It is so easy to sit in an office or a studio and talk about things like that," said Klopp, via The Mail.

“All the pundits come from Manchester United.

“We say the best way to go through a season is to go out of all the cup competitions early? You do that and the same people go for you like mad."

"It's like, "You are disrespectful to the competition". Now it is closer to the end of the season and it is allowed to go out of the Champions League without even trying to go through? That's really mad. That's the reason why they don't have a job on the sideline - one of the reasons."

To be fair to the German and his seemingly never-ending list of excuses, many United graduates have certainly taken the uncertain steps into the world of punditry, albeit to different levels of success.

We take a look at a good crop of Red Devil alumni and see how they rate in the studio.

Michael Owen

One of the few men to have played for both Liverpool and Man Utd, Owen triggered the ire of Red Devils recently after suggesting young Red Devils starlet Marcus Rashford should be targeted for injury in the two sides' recent bout at Old Trafford. Full to the brim of stenchy waffle who produces unconstructive, plain abhorrent comments that don’t help anybody.

Rating: 2/10

Owen Hargreaves

Thank you, next.

Rating: 3/10

Paul Scholes

It is a real shame that the Ginger Prince wasn’t as good at punditry as he was at football, although he certainly entertained with his riling of Jose Mourinho throughout the Portuguese’s tenure with unabated, unabashed criticism.

Unfortunately, Scholesy hasn’t been blessed with the most dulcet tones, with a voice sounding like you’re about to forced to enter into a long damp mine shaft in 1800s Dickensian England. Relieved us by going off to manage boyhood club Oldham Athletic.

Rating: 5/10

Ryan Giggs

Meh. Put in a decent, if unremarkable, shift during the World Cup.

Rating: 5/10

Patrice Evra

The Frenchman just LOVES THIS GAME. It would be nice to see the retired left-back on our screens a bit more. Steady with the sexism now mate.

Rating: 6/10

Nemanja Vidic

The brilliant former central defender and fan favourite recently got hearts a flutter after suggesting he would like to manage the club he played for between 2006 and 2014, and where he won five Premier League titles and the Champions League. For English as his second language, the fact that the sublime Serb appears so highly on this list is mightily impressive.

Rating: 6/10

Phil Neville

Hard-working and earnest, although maybe a tad too much.

Rating: 6/10

Roy Keane

Because I will be hunted down and shot like the dog that I am if I don’t put Keano high up this list.

Rating: 7/10

Rio Ferdinand

Let himself down recently with some silly comments about Newcastle United and owner Mike Ashley, with whom it was revealed he has a business relationship with.

Makes up for it by being as passionate as hell, and always seems on the verge of revealing a titbit of juicy info on one of his former teammates. Seems like he would be good friend.

Rating: 7/10

Gary Neville

An undeniable certainty for the top spot. You all knew this was coming. Alongside his SkySports brother-in-arms Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville has changed the face and appreciation of punditry, with analysis becoming as attractive as the event itself whenever the duo share a studio.

Through sheer hard-work, dedication, research and precision as well drawing from his exceptional playing career, Red Nev has exceeded expectations, and set himself a level above in the profession where many of his peers have failed. Insight, expertise, and eloquence in abundance.

Rating: 9/10