Ross Edgley Ran A Marathon Pulling A MINI, He’s The Fitness Guru You Need Now

Here are three jaw-dropping such achievements that prove Edgley is the real deal
08:00, 18 Nov 2020

It’s rarely been as important to stay both physically and mentally healthy but finding the right instructor can be tricky. We live in a world where social media is flooded with self-proclaimed ‘fitness gurus’ and finding the real deal can prove a tricky task. So we’ve done the searching for you. Enter Ross Edgley...

For the unacquainted, Edgley is a world record-holding British adventurer, ultra-marathon swimmer, expert in mental and physical fortitude, YouTuber and author. Some CV!

His popularity also means he has 140,000 subscribers on YouTube, 690,000 followers over on Instagram, two best-selling books and even an appearance on Joe Rogan, that left the host gobsmacked by Edgley’s achievements. Here are three such feats that prove Edgley is the fitness guru we all need in our lives right now...


The World's Strongest Marathon

Photo Credit: Red Bull
Photo Credit: Red Bull

Thinking of signing up for a marathon any time soon? Whether that be your first or your one hundredth, chances are you won’t be running it whilst pulling MINI Countryman behind you. Well, that’s exactly what Edgley did on January 22, 2016 around Silverstone racetrack. 

Setting off at midnight in an event dubbed ‘The World’s Strongest Marathon,’ Edgley successfully managed to drag a 1,400kg car alongside him for a full 26.2 miles, completing the endeavour in 19 hours, 36 minutes and 43 seconds, raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust, Children With Cancer, Sports Aid and United Through Sport. Incredible.

The Great British Swim

If a strongman-centric marathon isn’t your cup of tea, how does swimming the entire length of Britain suit you? Between June and November, Edgley accomplished such a feat back in 2018, swimming in total for 157 days across a whopping 1,792 miles of water. 

He had to eat 15,000 calories a day and had consumed 550 bananas by mid-October. When he finished this exceedingly gruelling challenge, his tongue had essentially dissolved thanks to the saltwater, the rubbing of his wetsuit gave him something called “rhino neck” and his feet entirely lost their arches, turning a deep purple and yellow colour. Yikes!


The World's Longest Rope Climb

Photo Credit: Red Bull
Photo Credit: Red Bull

Pulled a car for the entire distance of a marathon? Check. Swam the entire coast of Britain? Check. Climbed a rope to match the height of Mount Everest? Incredibly, check again.

In 2016, again raising thousands for the Teenage Cancer Trust, Edgley decided to embark on ‘The World’s Longest Rope Climb,’ in which he completed a rope climb of 29,029 feet, the exact height of the highest mountain on Planet Earth, in just under 24 hours.

Speaking afterwards, he said, "For me, this was the logical sequel to The World’s Strongest Marathon. Pulling a 1.4 tonne car for 26.2 miles raised lots of money for charity, but it also left me with this newly acquired work capacity. A few hours in the weights room or pounding the pavement no longer seemed as fun. So I rang the Teenage Cancer Trust. Bought a rope. Found a tree. Then put a date in the diary."

You can find Ross Edgley’s YouTube channel here.

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