Rugged, Durable And Stylish, The Latest Land Rover Smartphone Is A Beast

This phone is everything you would ever expect from a Land Rover
09:00, 09 Sep 2020

Ruggedness, durability and style. These three words have been synonymous with Land Rover, the all-conquering British car maker, since its founding in 1948, but it isn't just their motors that have been adhering to that three word mantra - they're also pretty interested in making smartphones too, which, if you are as clumsy as we are, will be music to your ears, because their ventures into the world of phone making, like their distant four-wheeled cousin, are as solid as a rock.

Land Rover released their first phone back in 2009 (Ranulph Fiennes endorsed it at an Everest base camp) and it was one of the few mobile phones on the planet that could be operated at sub-freezing temperatures. More than a decade on and their latest offering, the Land Rover Explore R, continues to break boundaries.

We’ve all experienced the heartbreak of a cracked screen, the misery of desperately plunging your phone in rice and the stupidity of losing that precious device (last known whereabouts, a taxi in the early hours!). However, with the Land Rover Explore R, we can all sleep easy knowing this rugged handset can handle anything that’s thrown at it. Literally speaking. 

SM Insta Explore R 01jpg

Whether you’re more likely to drop your phone in the bath or get soaking wet on a mountainside, the Explore R has you covered. Completely waterproof (including saltwater!) this phone will work even when you don’t want to. If you love the outdoors or are prone to butterfingers, this bad boy has been repeatedly test-dropped onto steel (from 1.8M) and come out on top. Winning. 

But it’s not just tough, it’s got stamina too. The battery lasts for one and half days. That’s correct, 36 whole hours without charge. Gamechanger. It’s dust proof and sand proof. Can be used while you’re still wearing your gloves and works in extreme temperatures. And the Corning Gorilla glass 6 laughs in the face of cracks. 

You’d be forgiven for thinking it was all toughness and no frills, but you’d be wrong my friend. There’s a 12MP Sony dual pixel rear camera to help you get the perfect snap, wherever your adventure takes you. The 5.7” HD screen makes for the ideal handheld display while exploring, and you need never get lost again with the intelligent Explore hub.

SM Insta Explore R 02jpg

Peter Cunningham, VP Product Portfolio at Bullitt Group, the mobile licensee for Land Rover, said: “Every care has been taken to ensure the Explore R reflects the essence of the Land Rover brand and presents features so users can keep on exploring without worrying – no matter the environment. 

“Equally as important, the Explore R offers a polished aesthetic so it fits in at home, at work or in the great outdoors.” 

This smartphone is everything you would ever expect from Land Rover. Ruggedness, durability and style.

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