Ryder Cup Flops Dustin Johnson And Brooks Koepka Star In The Cringiest Video In Golf History

Ryder Cup Flops Dustin Johnson And Brooks Koepka Star In The Cringiest Video In Golf History
18:24, 09 Oct 2018

Team American jetted over to France last month looking to win their first Ryder Cup on European soil in a whopping 25 years, but after three days play Jim Furyk’s men returned home wounded following the 17½ to 10½ drubbing.

In the aftermath of the competition a plethora of reports surrounding in-house American disputes and disagreements dominated the headlines, many of which centred on a rumoured fight between ‘friends' Dustin Johnson and Brooks Koepka who reportedly had to be separated during a party with the European team.

Skipper Furyk has since revealed that an ‘altercation’ did take place, while the American duo have now shown that there are no hard feelings in what could well be the cringiest video in the sport’s history, and it’s fair to say there’s been quite a few.

The PGA Tour tweeted a 16-second segment of Tuesday which shows Johnson handing Koepka the Player of the Year Award.

The head-in-hands footage, complete with dramatic music, starts off with the players turning their heads to look at each other, before Koepka says:

“Hey man. I don’t want anything to ever come between us.”

To which DJ replies:

“It’s just the Jack Nicklaus trophy. Congratulations. You won Player of the Year,” before shaking Koepka’s hand.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there, with DJ then stating:

“You know, i’ve got one of these too.”

Then Koepka brings the segment to a close with: “Yeah? Well this bad boy’s mine.”

The duo then both turn to the camera, absolutely beaming.

Oh the cringe, it burrrrrrrrrrns.

Judging by the twitter comments on the video, many of you agree.

Check it out for yourselves in the tweet link below...

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