Ryder Cup Heroes Wake Up In Bed Together In Hilarious Celebration Video

Ryder Cup Heroes Wake Up In Bed Together In Hilarious Celebration Video
11:58, 01 Oct 2018

Team Europe’s commanding Ryder Cup triumph over the weekend was uplifting enough in itself but a curious subplot has brought smiles to the faces of golf fans the world over, whatever their side of the divide.

Tommy Fleetwood and Francesco Molinari’s bromance blossomed as they put in a pair of stunning displays at Le Golf National in Paris, with the Italian Molinari scoring a scarcely believable five points from five and Fleetwood himself notching an impressive four from four.

The pair were dubbed ‘Moliwood’ by the travelling press and even had a chant developed in their honour by the European fans to the tune of the famous ‘Toure, Toure’ number of Mancunian fame.

"My summer has been great, but it's about these guys," said Molinari his win over Phil Mickelson secured victory.

"I've been on tour winning things, doing a little bit and not a lot, my record [at Ryder Cups] was shocking coming into this week so statistically there was a good chance of winning some points."

The Englishman Fleetwood, quick to check his other half at the sign of cockiness, got involved: "You're so full of yourself!"

Molinari fired back: "I love Tommy. We need to spend more time together."

It appears they might have got some quality time in sooner than expected, if this little clip that’s been released can be believed.

It shows the pair waking up together after a long night, with their precious trophy lodged between them. An appropriate end, then, to a weekend in the city of love for Moliwood.