Six Nations Gamechanger - Amazon Launch The Most In-Depth Live Stats Ever

From rucks to dominant tackles, these live statistics will cover more aspects of the sport than ever before
12:48, 30 Jan 2020

Ever wanted to know the likelihood of a fly-half making a conversion or see just how effective your favourite tackler is? For this year’s Six Nations Championship this will become a reality thanks to Amazon Web Services (AWS). These stats will transform your viewing experience and take you from sitting in your dressing gown, to inside the dressing room as you can see the same information that Eddie Jones shares with his England team.

AWS have launched five new real-time statistics which will transform the way fans are able to interpret the game ahead of the 2020 Six Nations Championship. This will give fans live statistics while they watch the game, covering more aspects of the sport than ever before.  

The five new statistics they are implementing for this year's championship will be a kick predictor, visits to the 22, ruck and turnover locations, dominant tackles and power game, giving fans a greater insight into exactly how the game is panning out. 

The kick predictor is potentially the most exciting new addition of the lot. We cannot wait to compare kickers and see how they fare using the data, with the pressure certain to be on the likes of Owen Farrell and co with their every step up to the kicking tee measured. The predictor will also use advanced machine learning technology to show, in real-time, the probability of a kicker scoring a penalty or conversion. 

This data will take into account in-game factors such as the location of the kicking tee, the current score and whether the side is home or away combined with historical data to come up with a prediction of success. Historical data, in this case, comes in the form of the average success rate of the kicker from that position, both during the current championship and across their career. 

It will be a gamechanger for fans watching on.

Elsewhere, the dominant tackles statistic will inform fans of the defensive strength of the team while the ruck and turnover locations will allow viewers to see where a team is most effective across the field. The power game stat will show the metres made and line breaks, giving further explanation as to where the match is being won or lost for both sides.

Ben Morel, CEO of Six Nations Rugby told his website: 

“This year will see the introduction of even more engaging and informative stats that bring fans even closer to the action. With these innovations, together with AWS, we are seeking to significantly enhance the viewing experience for all rugby fans by providing them with unique data-led insights.”

AWS first took over as the supplier of match data and statistics before last season’s championship and began by providing seven statistics. These new 2020 stats will almost double the fans’ access to key areas of the game including the exciting feature of being able to see heat maps showing where the action in the game is taking place.

The analytical company will gather live data from the game before conducting analytics and sending the results back to be broadcast to a remarkable 170 countries. Rucks over a number of years have been tough to predict, but now we can see metrics on rucking efficiency along with those crucial line breaks that light up the tournament. There’s nothing better than seeing a forward break through but how often does it really happen? Now we have all the statistics provided to us, almost instantly.

This is an important landmark for the Six Nations. Statistics are such a vital part of the modern sporting world, yet rugby has not quite had the benefit of these incredible insights. Until now.

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