Squad Up! The Golf Gadgets Straight Out Of A Call Of Duty Game

Welcome friends, to the Call of Golf
09:03, 18 Jul 2020

Unless you live in Manchester where you’ve likely been raving hard in a field for the last three months straight, lockdown has been a challenging time of regimented indoor life, broken down into three clear stages: Banana bread baking, Friday night Zoom quizzes and Call of Duty. It’s the latter that saved us. Over 60 million a month of us to be exact. And after months of hiding behind trees with a sniper rifle in a map with 150 other people, it’s just unreasonable to expect us just to turn everything off, have a shower and go outside. But what if there was a half-way house? A sport that mirrors Call of Duty, with enough gadgets and firepower to stay frosty one last time. A sport with lasers, high calibre weapons and remote controlled machines? Welcome friends, to the Call of Golf. To the course, squad!


Leupold GX 2i3 Rangefinder, £254.78

SM Insta Golf GX2i3jpg

Find your target and fire up the laser. Not only does the Rangefinder tell you the distance to the hole, it also recommends the right club, based on your hitting strength, slope you’re standing on and weather conditions. There’s even Fog Mode, for anyone playing in Scotland.

Call of Duty equivalent: Cluster strike


The Stewart Golf X9, £1,699

SM Insta Golf Tech X9jpg

The X9 robot caddy basically follows you around the course, two paces behind you and your squad. If you get tired of the company, or need it to head around to the next hole, you can activate the remote and send it up to 50 meters away. Also comes with downhill brakes to save you the ignominy of being run over when you get to a bunker. 

Call of Duty equivalent: Wheelson


Ezee Powergolf, £792.55


SM Insta Golf Tech EXeejpg

A quick load, 27 calibre piston club with a range of 50 to 250 yards. This bad boy will put the ball across the course without you even having to lift the club. Just another day at the office.

Call of Duty equivalent: AX-50 sniper rifle with 32” barrel attachment 

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