The 140Hp, Fully Electric Three-Wheel Speedster To Make Del Boy Weep

The Vanderhall Edison is fully-electric and and an absolute beast
11:00, 17 Oct 2020

Here in the UK, it is impossible to see a three-wheeled vehicle without thinking of Peckham, yellow vans and a vague concern that while you may have a pony in your pocket, you’ve stepped out without any income tax, VAT, money back or a guarantee. Americans have no such problems of course, largely due to the fact Peckham is 4,481 miles from Provo, Utah, home to Vanderhall and their range of beautiful three-wheel cruisers. 

2020 Vanderhall Edison Three Wheeler_100729414_hjpg

Vanderhall specialise in three wheels, and their hand-built range of cars look like a Lotus 7, melded with an AC Cobra, minus a wheel. And that’s a good thing. The petrol versions are no slouches: Light, stable and built on a mono-aluminium chassis, the six speed automatic transmission fires you along behind the turbo charged 1.5 litre engine with enough rapidity to keep you chuckling for the entire trip.  But it’s with the Edison that things get interesting. Because the Edison (clue’s in the name, kids) is fully electric, and it’s a beast.

2020 Vanderhall Edison Three Wheeler_100729403_hjpg

Boasting a 28.8kWh battery which, in layman’s speak means 200 miles on a full charge, the Edison puts out around 140 horses through its 28.8 kilowatt motor. The immediate benefit is you no longer have a side exhaust pipe to be wary of every time you climb out of the car, but that’s kind of irrelevant as you’re never going to want to get out.

2020 Vanderhall Edison Three Wheeler_100729412_hjpg

It will fire you from 0-60 in 4.4 seconds (about the same as Porsche Cayman or Dodge Charger), the heated seats will keep your bum warm for these cold summer days and the Bluetooth sound system will have never sounded better, now there’s not a pesky engine to drown out the noise. Go get one. Today.

Cost: £27k


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