The 8mm Wide Camera That's Set To Revolutionise How We Will Watch Motorsport

This bit of tech will bring fans closer than ever to the action happening on the track
17:01, 17 Feb 2020

The sporting camera angle that could well revolutionise how we watch motorsport… or at the very least make some of us feel sick. The new Driver's Eye camera which is already breaking the mould in Formula E by taking fans inside the cockpit and allowing them to see exactly what the driver is seeing at that exact moment in time.

The all-electric racing series is the first to roll out the new camera angle which measures in at just eight millimetres in diameter and weighs just 2.5 grams, bringing fans closer than ever to the action happening on the track.

The camera is nestled safely in the protective padding inside the driver's helmet and has now been tested and used on a race weekend. It simply gives the viewers access we have not been able to see in the past and although the camera is far from stable, it does provide fans with a real-life view of just how quickly the cars are going.

“I think it’s cool how Driver’s Eye shows fans exactly what I’m seeing during a race in real-time,” said Venturi Racing driver Felipe Massa. “It gives spectators an insight into the tight and challenging street circuits that we compete on in Formula E. And shows what the drivers need to do when managing and controlling the course of a race. I love technology like this which brings fans even closer to the action. Driver’s Eye is a great way to show the work that goes on behind the steering wheel.”


Often other camera angles cannot capture just how quickly the drivers have to react but now we get to see just how close the Formula E cars get to each other and how quickly they accelerate, as the drivers sit just centimetres from the tarmac.

The technology is still in its early stages which means that it does not work when a driver changes their visor to one that is tinted or mirrored but we are sure to see improvements as the season continues.  The exciting street circuits of Formula E make for incredibly close racing while the fan boosts and ‘Attack mode’ make for overtaking opportunities galore all of which we now get to see from the cockpit.

Formula One look to be slipping behind in this aspect as they are yet to get on-board with this new camera, although that could again change this season given the success and fan enjoyment of the Formula E camera.