The Best Dumbbells To Help Bring Gym-Quality Workouts To Your Home

Workout equipment is in short supply, here are three dumbbell sets that you can actually buy today
10:00, 24 Nov 2020

Workout at home they said, it’ll be easy they said. Anybody who’s been on the hunt for gym gear they can use at home across the vast majority of 2020 will know that finding what you need, for the right price and, most importantly, the right quality has been akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

Fear not, for we’ve scoured the internet to find the three best sets of dumbbells that’ll make a worthy addition to your Temple of Iron (aka the garage)...


Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbells, £500.85

SM Insta Dumbells 02jpg

These are far from the cheapest dumbbell sets on the market but if this was a supercar, it’d be a Lamborghini. They, unsurprisingly, have a big following and even bigger followers thanks to the fact that these bad boys offer an incredible spread of 4kg to 41kg meaning they offer something for pretty much everyone. The quality is excellent too, with plastic moulding around the plates themselves ensuring they don't clank around when you use them.

Bowflex also offers a stand, which makes storing and replacing the weights, especially when you’ve packed 40kg on them, easier.

Best For: Overall


York Fitness Cast Iron Dumbbell Spinlock Set, £138.99

SM Insta Dumbells 01jpg

You can’t beat a good pair of cast iron weights - they’ve been a well-loved staple of weightlifting for decades (you could probably find some in your granddad’s attic) and in 2020, with dumbbells sales going through the roof thanks to Covid, they’re as popular as ever.

They’re not pretty, they’ll clank like they’re falling apart with every lift but there’s a certain nostalgic charm to these. They weigh 20kg, will last you an absolute life-time and you won’t need to buy a pair of dumbbells again - just don’t drop them on the living room floor! 

Best For: Old School Lifters

ATREQ Elite Rubber Dumbbells, Starts at £184.99

SM Insta Dumbells 03jpg

Unless you frequent a particularly old-school gym, then you’ll probably be familiar with dumbbells that look like these lining up on the racks at your local - and for good reason. The stylish rubber solid ends with chrome contoured handle mean these won’t cave your floor in if you drop them and you won’t tear your hands up every time you pick one up. Available from 22.5kg all the way up to a whopping 50kg, these will have you covered for all your training needs.

Best For: Gym-Quality Weights

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