The Naran Hyper Coupe Is The 1048bhp V8 Beast Bursting With BMW M8 DNA

Starting at £1m, only 49 models of the Hyper Coupe will be produced
13:00, 03 Dec 2020

Whisperings of the Naran first began a few years ago, nothing more than a mention of a supercar project being planned by Ameerh Naran, the Zimbabwean powerhouse behind Vimana Private Jets. And then, during the summer, while most of us got to grips with banana bread and zoom calls, the first glimpse of promising renderings drifted lightly across the internet. But renderings are one thing. Reality, as we all discovered this year, has a tendency to bite hard, and a limited production run of a petrol-only option supercar, arriving within a decade of the proposed British ban on the combustion engine seemed ambitious, if not foolhardy and certainly not something we would see in a garage anytime soon. And then, last week, Naran pulled up the shutters of a West London garage and there it was, the big brash 1048bhp 5-litre V8 Hyper Coupe.

SM Naran GT3 02jpg

Despite the London unveiling, the car’s DNA is direct from Germany, built from BMW’s M8 series and then beefed up in every direction by different racing specialists. Racing Dynamics are the German team tasked with getting the power from the engine, upgrading the 4.4-litre engine to 5-litres and forcing a proposed 230mph through the twin turbos and onto the road via all-wheel drive. The engine sits up front, rather than behind the driver’s head as is customary with most supercars and a fully customisable GT3 package means you can tweak ‘till your heart’s content on track days. 

SM Naran GT3 03jpg

The cost will depend on the customer. Only 49 models are currently planned, and each of those will inevitably be customised within an inch of their life by the new owner. That said, you won’t get much change from £1M as a starting point.   

See it here.

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