The One-Of-A-Kind Ferrari Omologata Supercar Capable Of Hitting 211MPH

It isn’t possible to look better in a quicker car than this
11:00, 03 Oct 2020

The Ferrari Omologata provides definitive proof that the Italian language can make any word sexy. The loose English translation of Ferrari’s latest masterpiece is ‘confirmed’ or ‘approved’ yet we doubt the concept of an Aston Martin Approved or a Bentley Confirmed would be quite as desirable as the latest masterpiece from Maranello.

2020 Ferrari Omologata 001 2160 Scaledjpg1

Enzo. Daytona. Testarossa. Ferrari seem to have the Midas touch when it comes to naming their iconic cars yet on this occasion, it isn’t just the name that gets the blood pumping. This is arguably Ferrari’s sexiest release of the century and even has a brand new darker shade of that famous red adorning the livery, named Rosso Magma. 

You’ll never own one though. Sorry.

2020 Ferrari Omologata 002 2160 Scaledjpg1

This is a complete one-off car that will never be mass-produced or duplicated and has been designed and created for a member of Ferrari’s revered VIP club. The word ‘exclusive’ doesn’t do this group justice. To be part of this elite circle you have to have shown complete dedication to the brand, buying several cars from the Italian company over the years, oh and it helps if you are a famous face too.

Jay Kay (from Jamiroquai), Ian Poulter and Gordon Ramsey are all fully-fledged members and join the likes of Chris Evans and Ralph Lauren, who both own extensive (and very expensive) Ferrari collections. In fact, the latter owns a car collection featuring some of the most expensive cars in history, now worth northwards of $350m. 

2021 Ferrari Omologata 5jpg

Only nine such cars based on Ferrari’s front-engined v12 model have been made in the past decade and with the La Decima, the Italians have hit the jackpot. The Omologata is based on the exceptional 812 Superfast, yet only the windscreen, headlights and ‘underlying package’ remain the same - Ferrari have truly created a unique car for their wealthy European client. 

The 789bhp, 6.5 litre engine is a true celebration of what Ferrari is all about, making just about the best noise you can get from a car engine. 0-60mph takes 2.9 seconds while flat out, it will do 211mph. It just isn’t possible to look better in a quicker car than this.


As is to be expected, the figures are impressive. But the looks are simply mesmerising. From the oval grille to the slatted tailgate, you can easily lose yourself daydreaming what it must be like to actually be the owner of this beautiful piece of art. 

Ferrari themselves commented, “The trickiest aspect was striking the ideal balance between expressiveness and restraint: the Omologata had to ooze street presence whilst maintaining a very pure formal language.”

Mission accomplished Ferrari. Mission accomplished.

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