The Real Running Podcast - Infotainment And Inspiration For Every Type Of Runner

Tina Muir presents a pod for newbies and marathoners alike
09:00, 22 Sep 2020

The consequence of our reactions to the pandemic has had the slitheriest of slithers of silver linings. Namely, to escape descending into cabin fever, people seem to have been using those - what do you call them again? Oh yes… - feet, once again. To get a healthy dose of fresh air away from lockdown and absorb a bit of that much-needed Vitamin D, citizens of all ages and fitness levels have welcomingly started pounding the pavement again, getting to explore their own backyards for perhaps the first time, going from sofa to 5k, and subsequently finding they can even go that bit further.

Whatever the future holds, newly regained fitness should be maintained. With a PB of 1:12 in a half marathon, 2:36 in a full, allow former elite runner Tina Muir to help you remain a hot potato, rather than a couch one.

Since its launch in April 2017, Tina’s podcast Running for Real has racked up over three million downloads, and has had guests and experts on all things leg-pumping, such as David Epstein, Sally Bergesen, Dean Karnazes, Chrissie Wellington, Michael Gervais and Meb Keflezighi.

Following her arduous career as a professional runner, Tina articulated that her goal with the podcast is fundamentally ‘to help, educate, and inspire’ those following in her footsteps. Sports psychologists, doctors, scientists, dietitians, elite runners, strength training coaches, running form experts, and everyday runners are welcomed, and allowed to share the platform of the pod with Tina in order to get the world up and running.  Advice for training and practice, no matter the distance, may be expected but also contained within a wide selection of episodes is unabashed discussion of personal triumphs and tribulations, and issues away from the track or course. Running is a distraction from the difficulties of daily life, but what this podcast reiterates is that sometimes that runner needs to confront these issues head on. Rather than, no pun intended, running away from them.

A recent episode, catering specifically for that pandemic audience previously referred to, provides a discussion with Strength Running expert Jason Fitzgerald, on ‘The Work We Must Do To Perform Well And Avoid Injuries’, in order to push but not exert, whereas others openly discuss body image, eating disorders and obstacles such as illness.

Tina Muir has produced a fabulous podcast geared to informing and entertaining a wide audience, without discriminating between runners, from the ones with all the gear to the ones that have no idea.

The podcast is released every Friday morning (and often bonus Monday episodes), and can be subscribed to  on iTunes or on Stitcher, Castbox Overcast, Spotify, Google Play and iHeartRadio.

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