The Road Legal £1.25M Brabham BT62R Is All Supercar, Part Superhero

This high-octane machine is officially the most powerful non-turbo V8 on the road
09:00, 10 Sep 2020

If Iron Man was a car, this would be it. Seriously, the brand new, high octane, Brabham BT62R supercar, is Tony Stark’s alter-ego on wheels. Just take a look at it. The colour, the curves, the power, we can just imagine repulsor rays blasting from its very headlights. 

Stark Industries would be proud to unveil this machine, which is officially the most powerful non-turbo V8 on the road. On any road. The BT62R (the R means it’s road legal) boasts a heady 5.4-liter V8 engine, that delivers 700 horses, along with a sequential six-speed transmission. The gearbox has been given more street-friendly gear ratios and a traditional clutch is fitted, which is probably for the best.

SM Brabham BT62R 05jpeg

The exhaust system has also been tweaked, to ensure this bad boy is not too loud on the public highway. Along with number plates, new mirrors and lights as the law requires, you can drive the BT62R and varying heights, between 70 and 130mm. The cabin is much plusher than the track version, with softer, camel-toned leather seats, including badges of 18ct gold. 

There’s climate control, a heated windscreen, reversing camera, audio system and new dash display, but it can’t create a magnetic field. We’ll leave that to Iron Man himself.

“Launching the BT62R is a great achievement for the team at Brabham Automotive,” Dan Marks, CEO of Brabham Automotive, said in a company press release. “All the requisite design and engineering to turn the track BT62 into the road going BT62R has been done in-house by our team of engineers, which is a great testimony to their endeavour and expertise.”

SM Brabham BT62R 03jpeg

The price is £1.25 million, you can get it in either left or right-hand-drive and with your own choice of colour and trim (but Iron Man only comes in one shade, right?).

First examples of the Australian-made BT62R are set to be delivered in the coming weeks. The perfect car for a - in the words of Tony Stark - genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist...