The Six-Day Plan That Can Turn You Into A Hollywood Hardman Like Jason Statham

This is the routine Statham uses to remain one of the big screen's ultimate action heroes
08:00, 26 Jan 2021

Is there an actor who represents the quintessential British hardman better than Jason Statham? Probably not. The 53-year-old actor has been a mainstay on the big screen since his breakthrough in Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels and in the 23 years since that classic was released, Statham’s reputation as a go-to Hollywood tough guy has skyrocketed.

From the Fast and the Furious franchise to Crank and The Transporter to The Expendables, the one-time Team GB Commonwealth Games diver (No, seriously) has dominated the action film genre like a modern-day Arnie, and like his Austrian predecessor, The Stath has had to put some serious time and effort to get in such fantastic shape - even more impressive considering his age. Below is Statham’s six-day workout plan that can turn you into a Hollywood hardman…


Jason Statham's Six-Day Workout

Fast & Furious 8, Universal Pictures
Fast & Furious 8, Universal Pictures

Monday (Pyramid Circuit Training)

- Warm-up: 20 minute row at speed of 20 strokes/minute

- Push Ups

- Pull Ups

- Bodyweight Squats

- Stiff Leg Deadlifts

- Hanging Leg Raises

Tuesday (Chest And Shoulders)

- Warm-up: 20 minute row at speed of 20 strokes/minute

- Flat Bench Press

- Military Shoulder Press

- Dumbbell Flyes

- Tricep Press Downs With Dumbbells 

- Farmer’s Hold With Kettlebell

- Bodyweight Squat Hold

The Expendables, Lionsgate
The Expendables, Lionsgate

Wednesday (Interval Training)

- Front Squats With Weights

- Pull Ups

- Decline Push Ups

- Barbell Power Cleans

- Knee To Elbows

Thursday (Lower Body)

- Warm Up: 2000m Row

- Bodyweight Squats

- Front Squats With Weights

- Stiff Leg Deadlifts

- Reverse Ab Crunches

Friday (Cumulative Workout Routine)

- Front Squats At 120% Bodyweight (20 Reps)

- Medicine Ball Slams (5 Reps)

- Rope Pulls (10 Reps)

- Flat Bench Press (10 Reps)

- Medicine Ball Slams (10 Reps)

- Pull Ups (15 Reps)

- Medicine Ball Slams (10 Reps)

- Dips (15 Reps)

- Medicine Ball Slams (15 Reps)

- Rope Pulls (20 Reps)

- Medicine Ball Slams (20 Reps)


On Saturdays, Statham does one hour of trail running.

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