The Super-Quick Routine Jason Mamoa Used To Get Ready For Aquaman

This is the AR-7 workout the actor used to get in superhero shape
09:00, 20 Jan 2021

Is Jason Mamoa the coolest actor in the world? Maybe. The Guinness swigging, axe-hurling Hawaiian actor has been absolutely everywhere since his breakout role as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones, and has gone on to join forces with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman as Aquaman, is the lead in his own sci-fi series, See, on Apple TV+ and will be hitting the big screens later this year in the highly anticipated blockbuster Dune. 


Game of Thrones, HBO
Game of Thrones, HBO

Put simply, Mamoa’s kind of a big deal and that’s thanks in part to being one of the most in-shape actors in Hollywood at the moment and he puts that down to the consistent diet and workout routines he adopted for Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman. Below is what Mamoa calls his AR-7 (Accelerated Results 7) workout which stresses consistency and pacing over lifting heavy,  and requires the use of low weights and low reps, taking little to no rest between sets. The idea is that, because it’s high-tempo, you feel the burn quicker and reduce overall fatigue, allowing you to train more often. 

Start with seven sets of seven reps (Hence, AR-7) and take seven seconds of rest between each set. Next, drop it down to six sets at six reps with six seconds of rest between each set. For the final round, perform five sets at five reps with five seconds of rest between each set.


Jason Mamoa’s AR-7 Workout

Aquaman, Warner Bros.
Aquaman, Warner Bros.

Monday (Chest)

- Flat Bench Press

- Incline Bench Press

- Incline Bench Dumbbell Press

- Plate Push-Up

- Chest Dips

Tuesday (Back)

- Medium-Grip Pull-Up

- Reverse-Grip Chin-Up

- Close-Grip Pull-Up

- Seated Pulley Row

- Reverse-Grip BB Bent-Over Row

Wednesday (Legs)

- Bodyweight Squat

- Stiff-Legged Deadlift

- Barbell Back Squat

- Bodyweight Jump Squat

Thursday (Core)

- Medicine Ball Slam

- Kettlebell Swing

- Burpee

- Leap Frog

- 40-Yard Sprint

Friday (Arms & Legs)

- Barbell Military Press

- Bodyweight Dip

- Diamond Push-Up

- Dumbbell Curls

- Dumbbell Triceps Extensions

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