These Cool Surfboards Will Have You Hitting The Winter Waves Like A Pro

There are plenty of great winter boards around for surfers of every level
09:00, 08 Oct 2020

We say surfing, you think summer. You can’t help it. It’s how we’ve been conditioned from a very young age. But - and we’ll break this to you gently - your life has been a lie. Ok, maybe not your whole life but the surfing is just for summer bit at least. Because surfing is something that you can do all year round, yes even in the depths of winter. In fact waves are often much better at that time of year. And the surfing equivalent of a winter wardrobe is a winter surfboard (yes, they are an actual thing). Here’s the best boards to see you through the next six months...

GUL Cross Five Pin Pintail Longboard

If your 2020 so far has been all about creating a long list of hobbies to take up post-lockdown, you’ve probably considered surfing as one of them at some point. The good news is that there are plenty of longboards on the market that are great for the newbie.

SM Insta Surfboards Crossjpg

The GUL Cross Five Pin Pintail Longboard is a good place to start, since its strong construction, durability and extra plugs by the rear side bites make it perfect for the beginner. It also has the extra kick in the nose and tail which plays into the hands of the more seasoned surfer. You hear that? It’s basically two surfboards in one. No need to chuck this out for a more refined model once you’ve got the hang of some of the less challenging waves.

Price: £479, available here.

NSP Protech Funboard

Looking for something slightly more slimline? The NSP Protech Funboard 7’2” is a piece of kit for all ages. Once you’ve got the hang of the waves, a mini mal such as this one can give you the edge when trying to add a little bit more style to your repertoire.

SM Insta Surfboards NSPjpg

And the Funboard, named as such for a very good reason, is just what you need to become a more confident figure on the water. Its semi-rounded dolphin nose design ensures that the volume remains under your chest, giving you more paddle power to catch waves early and easily. The concave bottom also creates a speedy water transition through to the tail to provide balance and control.

Price: £339, available here.

Lib Tech X Lost Puddle Jumper

Shortboards are serious stuff these days. When it comes to surfing technology, this is where most of the hard work has been dedicated in recent years, making for faster, more agile moves on boards of increasingly streamlined shapes and sizes. The pop-up becomes harder, but the returns are all in the cut though the most challenging waves.

SM Insta Surfboards LibTechjpg

The Lib Tech X Lost Puddle Jumper comes in a range of sizes from 5’1” to 6’1” to accommodate your personal preference, and has a wide outline which makes for easy wave catching along with concave bottom for increased rail curve. The construction is game-changing too, with the Lib Tech team having come up with an ecoIMPACTO design which minimises resin exposure in an environmentally friendly, durable structure of a board.

Price: £669, available here.

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