Tris Dixon’s Boxing Life Stories Is The Podcast That Packs Much More Than A Punch

The former Boxing News editor's fascinating pod is unmissable for any fight fan
10:00, 27 Oct 2020

The boxing fan lives a thousand lifetimes. That isn’t a famous quote, but it could be! It is certainly hard to argue against. More than any other sport, the deluge of riveting narratives and characters across the sport in the endless epic play are ready to be mined. It is just about grabbing onto the right strand.

Tris Dixon is the former editor of Boxing News and the BT Sport No Filter Boxing presenter, and he’s returned with his celebrated podcast that provides fascinating interviews with figures from across the spectrum of the sport.

Boxing Life Stories is back for its third series, with new episodes featuring Tony Oakey, Chris Eubank Jr’s trainer Ronnie Davies, and the co-founder of the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA), Dr Margaret Goodman. The first episode of the new season saw Dixon sit down with certified ‘boxing man’ Ed Robinson of Sky Sports.

‘Not another pugilist-centric podcast?!’ you scream. No. It’s not.

Heavyweight legend George Foreman sat down with Tris in the second season of Boxing Life Stories
Heavyweight legend George Foreman sat down with Tris in the second season of Boxing Life Stories

Be warned, this isn’t throwaway fluff that you can demolish as an afternoon snack, these are measured, considered interviews. Think Dick Cavett rather than Graham Norton. Dixon is that most welcome of hosts - the one that doesn’t like the sound of his own voice, enquiring and pushing his subjects when necessary but excels at the simple art of letting the guest speak.

This isn’t about simply bagging the big names, though they do punctuate. This is about covering perspectives from within this deep pool, creating a library of behind-the-scenes tales and opinions on the impossible mission for a comprehensive chronicle. The interviewees are both people who Dixon has cultivated relationships with over a number of years, and veritable strangers united simply through the sport. All, fundamentally, with different experiences.

There are now over 110 episodes to access from Dixon, with past subjects including George Foreman, Eubank Jr. and Dicky Eklund. Of course, with boxing, we love the flurry of punches, the pressure, the KOs, catastrophes, and catatonia that our favourite athletes inflict, and the not-so-favourites endure. Sometimes it is just nice to meditate, with time, on what this world actually offers outside of the ring.


Boxing Life Stories is now on Patreon, where the subscriber can get access to research, unseen photographs from Boxing Life Stories, go behind the scenes of the podcast with Tris Dixon, and even get some episodes early. You can support the podcast by visiting

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