Tyson Fury Has 'Fallen Back In Love' With Boxing Again Ahead Of Fight With Sefer Seferi

Tyson Fury Has 'Fallen Back In Love' With Boxing Again Ahead Of Fight With Sefer Seferi
16:20, 08 Jun 2018

Unrivalled highs, desperate lows, drug bans and controversial comments. Tyson Fury unravelled in the public eye after scalping Wladimir Klitschko three years ago in Dusseldorf, Germany. The man from Manchester's fall from grace was quick and chaotic, with every bad move that followed his triumph magnified by his world champion status. 

During three subsequent inactive years, "The Furious One" battled UK-Anti Doping, governing bodies, a public backlash against his divisive views and his own severe depression.  At his lowest ebb, he told Rolling Stone magazine:  "I hope someone kills me before I kill myself." Soon after he was declared unfit to fight.  The road to recovering his boxing license and self-worth took over two years.

The 29-year-old's long-awaited return to the ring is slated for this Saturday night against Sefer Seferi.  The man from Albania is the perfect opponent to shake some ring rust.  He's campaigned mostly at cruiserweight and gives away around four stone and a foot in height to Fury. Seferi also sleeps comfortably atop a heavily padded but impressive looking record.  

When the pair met at Wednesday's press conference in Manchester, it was quickly clear the outspoken giant's mojo was back.

“He is fit," claimed the former champion about his first opponent since Klitschko. 

"You will see that when he whips his top off tomorrow and six-packs up, he’ll have some gel in that black hair of his, a bit of baby oil on-he’ll look the boll*cks on the night.  He’s a good-looking fella, I’m sure he must be a travelling man.  He’s even got nice, white teeth too," Fury said.

"When I was World Champion, I fell out of love with the game after being married to it for so long.  Now we are back in love again, I’m thriving and like any good relationship you have to spice it up so I put some lingerie on this b**ch," he continued.


The key "spice" Fury remarked about is new trainer Ben Davison. In a surprise move, the former heavyweight champion swapped uncle Peter for the 25-year-old coach after the pair struck up a relationship at the MTK gym in Marbella. 

Speaking to The Sportsman at Manchester's Midland hotel on Wednesday, Davison revealed the foundations of their relationship, how many stones Fury's shifted and why there would be only one winner if his man stepped through the ropes against unified world champion Anthony Joshua.

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