Tyson Fury Insists He Won't Take Otto Wallin Lightly

Smiling heavyweight insists he’s not getting knocked out
09:30, 12 Sep 2019

It’s great to see a happy Tyson Fury but is there a chance he’s a little too relaxed going into this weekend’s bout with unknown Swede Otto Wallin?

Not so, insists the British heavyweight. He’s not taking anything for granted. 

Wallin, 28, has 20 wins from 20 fights but Fury is a 1-25 bookies' favourite.

Speaking at the press conference ahead of Saturday nights fight in Las Vegas, he said: "I don't underestimate anybody, I will respect everyone.

"I will train for a man like he has 20 knockouts in a row. The tall southpaw is always a challenge but I have never met a challenge I couldn't defeat or a mountain I couldn't climb - he will be no exception. Hopefully, we go for a beer afterwards."

Fury has tried to align himself with Mexican fans, who’ve travelled to Las Vegas to celebrate Mexican Independence Day weekend. He’s repeatedly referred to himself as "El Rey Gitano", which means "The Gypsy King".

And he told the crowd: "I wasn't supposed to box on this weekend. When we heard Saul 'Canelo' Alvarez would not be fighting in Las Vegas on this weekend I thought what a shock. This has been a special weekend for many years. I thought the Mexican people will not have a main event so I brought my fight date forward four weeks."

And he was keen to reiterate that he isn’t taking the fight lightly.

"Is Wallin knocking me out? Definitely not. I don't know much about Otto and sometimes that is a good thing. Sometimes when you know a lot about an opponent it doesn't turn me on fully, when it's unknown it's more exciting.

"I feel good, fit, have trained really hard, weight is perfect, injury free, sharp, rejuvenated. I feel ready for a good fight. I am as strong as I have ever been."

Fury will next come face-to-face with Wallin at Friday's weigh-in. 

Speaking at the event Otto Wallin said: "I come from a small place in Sweden and now I'm on the big stage. I've dreamed of this and am willing to put it all on the line.

"I'm well-schooled, I have good offence, defence and I think I have what it takes to cause an upset."