Tyson Fury Will Land £12m In WWE Showdown But Frank Warren’s Not A Happy Camper

The former heavyweight champion of the world takes on Braun Strowman October 31st
12:21, 15 Oct 2019

Tyson Fury has put pen to paper on a contract that will see him swap skipping ropes for spandex, when he faces Braun Strowman on his WWE debut this month in Saudi Arabia.

The former heavyweight champion of the world takes on his new arch-enemy on October 31 and is expected to net a whopping £11.9m in the process.

It’s a move that’s got the boxing world talking, with many expressing their concern over Fury’s newfound extracurricular activity, especially his promoter Frank Warren, who told Talksport that the 31-year-old didn’t even discuss the WWE clash with him.

“What can you say? He went out there to watch it and the next minute he's involved in it, it's unbelievable," Warren said.

“But that's Tyson. He's supposed to be taking a rest and taking it easy, but he's decided that he wants to do this and he's going to do it.

“No he didn't [discuss it with me]. He's done it and we've discussed it afterwards.

“I'd be a liar if I said I was pleased with it, I'd prefer him not to do it but he's doing it.”


Warren also voiced his concern that Fury could seriously hurt himself and that he could be putting his career as a boxer at risk, especially after suffering such a serious cut in his fight with Otto Wallin last month.

He added: “Listen, I've seen WWE fighters get cuts, it's the nature of contact sports.   

“It could happen but I hope it doesn't. I'd prefer he didn't do it because it could jeopardise his boxing career.

“But he's doing it and he's his own man. In some ways I suppose it's keeping him focussed and keeping him fit and well.

“It's not like he's a baby, he's 30 years of age.”

The location of Fury’s professional wrestling debut, Saudi Arabia, has also drawn criticism, similarly to Anthony Joshua's blockbuster rematch with Andy Ruiz Jr, due to the nation’s record on human right’s issues.

Fury, however, brushed away any concerns over fighting in the Middle East, saying: “I’m not a politician. I’m a fighting man from a fighting gypsy family and I go where I’m paid to fight.”

Fight fans have been left wondering what might happen to Fury’s rematch with WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder that was rumoured to be pencilled in for February 2020.

The Wythenshawe-fighter has made it clear that fight isn’t on his mind right now though: 

“Yeah, me against Wilder is the biggest fight in boxing but I’m not thinking about that now. I’m just enjoying my life - and concentrating on WWE.”

Fury made two guest appearances on WWE before announcing his fight with Strowman and last week, as a surprise guest at Smackdown, he traded verbal blows with his next opponent before pair became involved in a ‘brawl.’

It might not be the move many sports fans wanted from Tyson, but you can’t deny he’s entertaining in his own way.

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