WATCH: Youtube Superstars KSI and Logan Paul Go To Battle Once Again

All eyes are on LA and The Sportsman is there to bring you all of the build-up
10:29, 06 Nov 2019

"I've never seen anything like it. Madness!"

We thought Eddie Hearn had witnessed it all in boxing but KSI vs Logan Paul is off the scale, even for him.

Last time the Youtube sensations met, the fight ended in a majority draw and the hype around the scarp reached insane levels and off-the-scale viewing figures.

Yesterday, KSI clashed with Logan Paul's trainer Shannon Briggs as the adrenalin boiled over during a crazy public workout.

On Saturday they will fight in front of an expected sell-out crowd of 21,000 and millions will watch on pay-per-view television across the globe.

KSI, meanwhile, could have reportedly earned up to £80m from the first fight and the duo are set for another huge windfall.

The people demanded a rematch and they are getting a rematch


Now, the duo go to battle again in LA this Saturday at the Staples Centre for their first professional clash and there is no love lost between the pair. 

Snarling, snapping and ready to go, this is set to be a barnstorming bout.

The Sportsman is there to bring you all the build-up but in the meantime, checkout the trailer for this 'monster' fight.

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