Why China's Richest Man Teamed Up With Manny Pacquiao To Take On Floyd Mayweather

Billionaire Jack Ma and 'The Manny Team' have called out the US boxing legend
12:24, 28 Oct 2019

Jack Ma may have turned 55 in September and stands at only 5’3” but he’s ready to take on the might of Floyd Mayweather.

That’s right, China’s richest man is ready to take on ‘The Money Team’ and has challenged the legendary boxer to take him on in the ring.

It’s a seriously brave move but he does have the backing of Manny Pacquaio standing in his corner.

Forming ‘The Manny Team’ - get it? - the pair shared a video to Twitter on Sunday featuring Ma being put through his paces with an intense sparring session.

"Floyd Mayweather, if you want a real fight, fight me. If you want an exhibition, my guy, my friend, Jack Ma will take care of you, " Pacquiao says.

"I am ready. Any time, any place, Manny's team is ready," Ma adds as the new dream team glare at the camera.

Founder of Alibaba, an e-commerce company, Ma, is worth a reported $38.5b - that’s right, 38 BILLION.


He recently stepped down to pursue other passions, and, according to CNN, is a giant fan of martial arts, even appearing as a tai chi master in a movie produced by Jet Li.

However, he is seemingly ready to swap martial arts for throwing punches or perhaps it’s just a ruse for Pacquiao to call out Mayweather and demand a rematch of the ‘Fight of the Century’.

The Philippines icon, who will turn 41 a week before Christmas, first fought Mayweather in 2015 and wants to go again after losing that bout unanimously.

Mayweather has ‘no interest’ in fighting Pacquiao again, his promoter Leonard Ellerbe told reporters last year but could Ma’s influence change his mind?

Talk of another duel has been in the offing for four years though no deal has got close to being signed off.

Ma’s fortune dwarfs Mayweather’s $750 million net-worth but not for all the money in the world would he stand a chance in the ring.

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